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There are a lot of places that one can go camping. You can go to a campground, an RV park, or even rent one of many cabins that are in the U.S. But no place quite beats the idea of camping in the outdoors.

You can camp under the stars, in a tent by the fire, and appreciate nature and all its beauty, provided the weather is nice. You can even do this at a campground if you want. But there is an art to finding the best camping spot, and you might not know it.

So to help you find the best camping spot for your tent, here are a few tips:

Watch The Ground

Where you choose to sleep will be the most important decision when you go camping, and you want to find a level space of earth to pitch a tent. Or, you might walk up in the middle of the night having rolled off your bed and become crammed against the tent wall, and that’s not a fun way to wake up.

You also want to find flat ground, as you don’t want to have sharp protrusions or lumps in your tent floor. Sand and grass areas are some of the best choices, and you want to avoid a depression in the earth in case of rain.

Find Some Shade

After getting the best ground location, you want to find the best shade. Having shade through out the day might not happen, but in the morning it is very important. You can avoid having the sun make your tent feel like a sauna. So avoid the heat and pick a spot that’s nicely covered in shade for the morning.

Think About What’s Above You

For your own safety, always be aware of what’s above your tent. Don’t pitch it above a dead tree branch with the reasoning that, because it hasn’t fallen, it won’t. Apply the same ideas to anything that might be considered a hazard, no matter where you are. Always be cautious because, as Murphy wrote, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

These are just a few tips on finding the perfect camping spot to pitch your tent. If you have questions, contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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