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Camping is one of the best ways to spend a summer, whether with your family, by yourself, in a cabin, or in a tent. However, planning for camping trips can be a pain, especially if you have kids and/or pets coming along. A recent survey of campers reported an average of 5 trips a year with an average range of about 190 miles traveled from home. 86% of campers choose tent camping, with 70% of those reporting short, one or two night outings. No matter the length of the trip, preparedness is essential. Read on for some tips and tricks for your next camping trip.

  • Bug repellent can be nasty. Putting sage in your campfire is an effective, environmentally friendly way to keep bugs away and make your camp sites smell amazing.
  • Toothpaste dots- Finding running water while camping can be tricky, and no one likes to have fuzzy teeth or bad breath. A couple of days before your camping vacation, dot toothpaste on a plate and sprinkle the dots with baking soda. When they’re dry you can put them in a sandwich baggie and chew on one for fresh breath.
  • Corn Chips- If you’re having a hard time finding kindling, or your kindling got wet, there are many ways you can start a fire. One way is to use corn chips, such as Fritos or Doritos, which burn really nicely. Another alternative is green birch bark, if they’re native to your campgrounds. The bark burns hot with a low ignition point, ideal for starting fires.
  • Easy Eggs- Instead of bringing along a carton of breakable eggs, pre-scramble them and put them in a water bottle, or an old creamer bottle with a pourable cap. Voila!
  • Easy Lanterns- If you need a quick light, strapping a head lamp to a jug of water creates a nice ambient glow. This also works with the flashlight on your phone. Another quick lantern method is a small candle inside a mostly opened tuna can- the foil top will block the wind and reflect the light of the candle.

What makes your camping trips great? Leave it in the comments.

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