All destination weddings have a far-flung getaway location. In most cases, these exotic getaway locations are in remote coastal areas, parks, reserves, and hilly or mountainous regions. Flights and train rides are available to many destinations across the globe. But how then do you choose an ideal getaway for your wedding events? Nowadays, 35% of wedding events take place outdoors. Beachside and park weddings have dominated the themes of most weddings. In this article, you’ll find insights on how to choose a perfect getaway destination that is ideal for your wedding events.

1. Seek advice from an agent

You can never know all exotic mountain resorts, park hotels, or beachside hotels in your region, nation, or continent. So, the first tip is: don’t search alone! Find a well-known travel agent, and you’ll have made the first step towards finding a wide array of options for you. Travel agents are well-versed with many popular travel destinations that can suit your needs and desires. Better yet, they can negotiate with the resorts on your behalf, and you may get a better deal than would have been the case if you sought the venues yourself.

2. Which getaway options are a good fit for you?

Your dream wedding venue and theme should reflect your personality as well as that of your partner. Are you laid-back or party lovers? Are you lovers of the wilderness or beach bums? You should find a place that will allow you to be as you should be. For instance, if you’re looking for a serene, quiet, and exotic venue, then the mountain resorts in the Poconos can be a perfect fit for you. In the Poconos getaways, you can have an adventurous weekend wedding filled with excursions and concluded with sunset views over dinner or cocktails. If you’re looking for a relaxed, party-filled wedding with lots of water-based events such as swimming, and beachside volley, then go for a beachside or lake resort venue.

3. Pay a visit before booking

It’s important to preview your wedding getaway destination. Most wedding venues offer pre-wedding tours to couples who need to assess the capacity of the site to host their wedding events. If the place provides a full wedding package, you can get to check the décor, halls, tents, and their capability to serve you well.

4. Factor in the wedding ceremony logistics

While enjoying the fun-filled wedding activities, don’t forget the main reason why you’re there. You’re supposed to get married, and the legal marriage requirements vary based on jurisdiction. If you plan to seek the services of the local courthouse in making a civil ceremony for legal recognition, then you need to find out its location. The same goes for church-based weddings because you’ll need a local chapel and church minister to get an official church-based ceremony.

5. Know the weather condition of the destination

Get a 411 review of the weather forecast at your chosen destination to avoid getting into bad weather situations. You should also make contingency plans with the hosting resort in case you get caught up in sweltering heat, monsoons, or hurricanes.

6. Do you prefer an all adults event or an all-inclusive family event?

Most wedding venues focus on hosting adults’ only events. But if you’ll need to bring kids along, then you should look for a site that is welcoming to children.

7. Mind your budget

You should know the number of guests that you’ll host for your wedding events and the supplies required. Understanding the requirements will help you size up the capacity of the venue to see if it fits your needs.

8. Is your venue accessible?

Ensure that your wedding venue is accessible by most means of transport. If your wedding is in a rugged and remote area with poor transportation, then you may as well say goodbye to half of the guests on your wedding guest list.

Make your wedding a glamorous and exciting event that will leave a memorable impression on your guests. But to do this, you’ll need to consider the factors listed above to get a perfect site for your weekend wedding getaway.

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