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These days, business is global and more and more people have to travel for work. This is sometimes the result of a military assignment, a short term contract with a company, or a temporary relocation, but the shift in the way we do business is also causing a shift in the way we choose housing. This is where corporate housing rentals come in, and here are answers to a few of the most common questions about them.

What is corporate housing?
Corporate housing is basically a housing option that people who are temporarily relocated to a certain area to perform a certain job. Since people usually relocated in these situations as a favor to a company, the company typically puts the employee up in housing for the duration of the contract or assignment. These are furnished apartments that fall into the Goldilocks zone between the comfort of a home and the convenience of a hotel room.

How long can I stay?
These stays are usually not long enough to justify needing an entire house or buying a home, but are longer than a hotel room would suffice for. Some corporate housing rentals offer longer term situations like a number of months or weeks, but with the rise of housing sharing services like Airbnb, some offer short term rentals for nightly rates. In any case, corporate housing usually turns out to be less expensive than renting a hotel room for weeks at a time.

What amenities are there?
This depends on the specific place you are staying but since these are full apartments, you can expect to find a full kitchen with dishes and appliances as well as a bedroom and bathroom with all of the necessary linens. Some places offer cleaning services for a nominal fee and have on-site laundry machines as well.

Do you have any questions about corporate housing rentals? Feel free to ask us about them in the comments section! More can be found here.

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