There are many reasons a person might want to camp in the Great Outdoors. They may enjoy the feeling of being away from a major metropolitan area, where there are tons of cars, light pollution, sounds and noises. They may enjoy being in nature. They may enjoy the feeling of solitude if they are alone or the time with friends and family.

There are many statistics associated with camping that are worth noting in this article. There are statistics about the amount of campgrounds that are in the United States. There are statistics about where people like to sleep when they are camping. There are statistics about motivations for camping and how far people traveled to camp.

They are in the following section.

  • In 2014, consumers spent more than 1.5 billion U.S. dollars on camping equipment, a large proportion of which was on backpacks and sleeping bags.
  • On average, campers spent 14.9 days camping, either in a tent, RV, cabin, or yurt.
  • The 2014 American Camper Report shows that 40.1 million Americans, or 14 percent of the US population over age six, camped in 2013.
  • There are 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds across the country.
  • According to the 2013 American Camper Report, most campers (81%) slept a tent, followed by 16% who slept in an RV.
  • 49% of campers say that spending more time with family and friends is the reason why they camp.
  • Traveling by RV can save a family of four 23 to 59% on vacation costs, a survey reports.
  • On average, campers travel more than 180 miles to go camping.
  • Almost all (99%) campers said that they were likely or very likely to go camping again the following year.

There are many reasons people would like to camp, as shown in the statistics above. Many people like to camp to spend more time with family and friends, as they camp with family and friends. Many people like to travel at least two hours away to go camping as well. There are many options here. Many choose to stay in an RV or recreational vehicle.

There are many places where people can camp in the United States. There are designated campgrounds, like the types seen in different areas around the country. There are campgrounds as part of national parks, which are seen in many places around the country. There are designated campgrounds that someone needs an admission fee.

The places that need an admission fee are likely to be more than just national parks and other designated campgrounds. In those places, an admission fee is possible but they are likely to be less than the “paid” campgrounds where someone has to pay a steep admission fee to get into the park.

These campgrounds where people pay a significant admission fee are likely to not campgrounds in the traditional sense. They are areas with full working bathrooms that are clean. They are areas with restaurants, food eateries, and all sorts of places for the kids to have fun. They are a different kind of campground.

Family camping is an enjoyable part of the holiday for many families and an activity that can also take place at different times throughout the year. Family camping is an enjoyable activity for the whole family. The kids get to enjoy the Great Outdoors and play around in nature. This may not have happened in the city where there are a great deal of people.

Family camping also opens up the opportunity for the whole family to spend time together. This is different frequently than in the normal routine of things as everyone has a tendency to be busy in this day and age. There are other enjoyable moments in family camping, as everyone spends time with one another.

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There are many reasons why someone would go camping. There are options to enjoy the Great Outdoors, to sleep in a tent under the stars, to swim in a lake, to look at wildlife, and more. There are many opportunities to enjoy nature.

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