Charter a private jet

Air travel would be fun if it wasn’t for the crowds at the airport check in and security. If it wasn’t for the narrow cramped seats and limited legroom. The tinny sound of your neighbor’s headphones in your ears for four hours straight. The schedules which force you to wait for hours to transfer flights at airports that are not on your route at all. In other words, air travel would be amazing if you could just charter plane service and arrange schedules, seating and routes to suit your convenience.

The good news is that with private charter jets, you can. Private jet charter companies bring back all the convenience of air travel, with none of the hassles.

A window seat each time

No you’re not imagining the numbers. The number of people who fly each day has been estimated to be 8 million. And they’re all aiming for one thing, more comfortable seating, i.e. more legroom. Expedia reports that last year, 21% of all airline customers chose window seats and 20% picked the aisle seat.

This is confirmed by a recent poll conducted by TripAdvisor, where 30% of those polled said the biggest improvement airlines could make would be to introduce comfortable seating. And 41% of all airline passengers surveyed said that the biggest improvement would be to add more legroom.

On a charter flight, you decide on the seating plan. And you’ll have all the legroom you need.

Charter plane service gets you there in comfort and safety

Commercial flights leave you frazzled and sleepless. But a private airplane charter flight gets you to your destination refreshed and prepared for that big meeting or presentation. When you charter a private jet, you access a service that can use more than 5,000 public airports in the United States. That’s a hundred times more airports than commercial airlines can use. So you can pick a route that takes you direct to your destination, instead of kicking your heels in transit lounges for hours waiting for a transfer.

Along with convenient access to your destination, charter plane services are a very safe mode of transport. All air charter operators are required to have the Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and also Operations Specifications with all company names, authorizations and limitations.

With more than than 2,100 air charter operators, it’s easy to book your next business trip on a charter flight, so air travel can actually be fun again.

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