How are replacement lenses mailed

Almost half of people who wear sunglasses in the United States do not just wear them for fashion; they wear them to protect their health. Sunglasses are great for keeping the sun out of our eyes so we can see better when we drive, play sports, or do anything outside in the sun. They’re also great for mimicking the style of our favorite actors and actresses, athletes, and celebrities. But they also serve a much more important purpose, which more than a quarter of American do not think they are necessary for.

Sunglasses have a direct effect on the health of the eyes. If your sunglass lenses are scratched or are not polarized, you are not getting as much protection as you could be. Rather than throwing them in the trash or trying to figure out how to fix scratched sunglass lenses, you can get sunglass lens replacement.

Your replacement sunglass lenses should be polarized because they are the most protective type of lens that there is. Polarized replacement lenses block out the majority of harmful UV rays from the sun which can cause damage to the eye as well as to the surrounding skin, like skin cancer, macular degeneration, and cataracts.

Here’s how to tell if your sunglass lenses are polarized or not: look through two pairs of sunglasses, rotate one pair 90 degrees, and if there is a clear blocking out of light then the sunglasses are polarized. If you’re looking to fix scratched sunglass lenses or just to get some polarized lenses, you should look into the options for replacement lenses for sunglasses. Read more about this topic at this link.

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