When you are short on ideas on how to mix things up with your partner or date, coming up with new dinner dates with a twist will help you to hit the ball out of the park. It doesn’t matter if you’re already at that stage in love where you have “your fave locale” or you want to do something special for a first date. It is never too early, or too late, to come up with some fresh and inspired ideas for dinner with love. Check out this list of our ideas for dinner dates with a twist, and start planning your next romantic adventure today.

Create a Pizza Night You’ll Never Forget

Everybody loves pizza, but everybody does not love to do pizza over and over again. Get creative here. You can make your pizzeria night one of your dinner dates with a twist by taking your date to a different city and trying out an old pizza joint that nobody ever talks about. Or, take them to the one that everybody does talk about.

A pizzeria is an ideal dinner location for new couples that aren’t accustomed to each other’s eating styles, preferences, and needs. Here you can get to know a new date a lot better by ordering customized meals that make everybody happy. If you have your own and are worried about what and where to eat, a pizza place with gluten-free, diabetic options, or a long menu can be a great place to get to know someone better.

Take Out Asian Fusions Instead of Chinese

Put simply, Asian fusion is a little like Tex-Mex in terms of theory, where Texan and Mexican dishes get married and create beautiful things for many people. Asian fusions are foods where cuisines from two different Asian locales are merged into one dish. So you will see something like a Chinese Ma Po rice with Korean kimchi and an Asian beef in one dish.

Not all Asian fusion restaurants will be called Asian fusion, or will put that on their menu. But, if you look at their menus online ahead of time you can get an idea if they are Asian fusion or not. Use the term Asian fusion when preparing a romantic candlelit takeout dinner for your amour and kick the night up a notch. This can go on your list of dinner dates with a twist because it is another opportunity to widen the menu for an evening to honor all styles and preferences, without bringing awkward moments into a romantic evening.

Get to Know Really Good Sushi Together

If you love sushi, and your date loves sushi, there are a million things you can do to create dinner dates with a twist with sushi. You can take a class on how to make it and then eat your sushi together. Don’t fret if you don’t get it right away, it can take decades to perfect this art. Still, it’s a unique way to prepare rice and fish that has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

At the same time, you can use a really good sushi night as a way to enhance your knowledge about this unique cuisine. Learn sushi together. Sushi that is made with tightly wrapped rice is American, whereas sushi where the rice is looser is not a lower quality, it is a Japanese-made sushi. That is because in America, it is eaten with chopsticks and in Japan, with the fingers.

Learning how to use chopsticks is a skill you will never lose once you get it. Learn it with your date and laugh together. A really good sushi night with some rice wine will become one of your classic dinner dates with a twist you might just never forget.

Create New Memories With Imaginative Cafes

Many a song and film has been produced that tell of the story of how a couple meets and falls in love. Cafes are not exactly a unique dinner date, but you can make these age-old dates your own. Cafes in America are becoming more creative and inventive, adding entertainment and menu items to their repertoire to ensure your time there is anything but age-old. You can make a café night one of your dinner dates with a twist by looking for a café that will appeal to both of you.

Take your date out to something romantic, find an old country road to take a mini-dinner road trip on, and explore the simpler side of life with a good dinner at a romantic café. Perhaps a café with a weekly karaoke could be your next couple’s tradition or one with a Wednesday meatloaf that will be the envy of every meatloaf lover in your city. Cafes are home to some of human’s greatest stories, and places where you can begin your own.

Bring Special Nights Alive When They Are Catered

A catered evening is always going to be a special evening, and you don’t necessarily need to leave these moments for special occasions. But you can make a night a special occasion by making it a catered night. This could be a wonderful treat for someone that has had a long week and can’t stand the thought of cooking one more night, a pre-birthday surprise, or just a sweet catered event that tells someone you don’t want them to worry about a thing for a moment.

Hiring a catering company can be just part of your dinner dates with a twist idea. You can add little romantic moments during the night to make the date even more memorable. Small gifts, a love poem, candles, and romantic music will make this anything but an ordinary dinner. Find out their favorite things to eat, and design a menu with a catering company that will blow your date’s mind. This kind of evening is going to be a sure way to reach someone’s heart.

Rent a Bicycle for a Day-Long Adventure

When you really want to wow a date, keep them by your side for the day or an afternoon that starts with bicycle rentals and ends with a romantic dinner. There are many different ways you can do this. You could rent a bicycle built for two and bond over the fun of learning something new together. You could rent a bike for each of you and take a long trip down winding roads, along a lake or riverside, and finish with a picnic dinner or a dinner out at a lovely roadside tavern or seaside dinner location.

Make this one of your dinner dates with a twist by adding stops along the way. You could take your date to their favorite antique store to do some fun window shopping, go hunting at old bakeries for dessert, or add a wine tour to your bike tour and bring some tasting fun into your date. A bicycle rental doesn’t have to be boring. Add elements to it that neither of you has ever done before.

Grow Your Love With Gardens

If either of you love to garden, then you can bring this favorite activity into your list of dinner dates with a twist. There are a number of things you can do with this. You can learn to garden with your love and create a dinner night where you start a winter garden inside and make fun plans for the summer. Have dinner in one night for a date such as this, and create a menu using items that will be in your garden that you start with each other. Learn new recipes together, and become inspired by bringing food to the table together.

Another way to bring gardens into your dinner ideas is to travel together and visit some of the more interesting gardens in your area when the weather is nicer. Check your local area for any tourist attractions that include garden elements. Or, book a weekend away to a location where gardens can be appreciated in an area where they are celebrated. Many cities and towns have a historical garden or garden showing that are events that bring out passion and inspiration in any garden lover.

Swim the Night Away on a Relaxing Date

Add swimming and hot tub soaking to your list of favorite things to do when you are date planning. An easy way to plan this date is to find a resort or hotel that includes the amenities of swimming pool services and a jacuzzi. If they have a dining room on site, even better. Take off for the day and go and enjoy a relaxing time by the pool and a long romantic soak in a jacuzzi. Have a cocktail, share old stories, and leave every worry behind.

This kind of date is easy to plan regardless of what climate you live in. You can select a location with an indoor or outdoor pool or both. If you don’t like a pool and live near or on the water, make it a beach date that lasts all day. You can easily make a date such as this a regular activity if this kind of unwinding becomes good for your dating souls. Enjoy a long day of relaxing, followed by a meal that neither of you will ever forget.

Create an Outdoor Night With Stars and Fire

When the weather is permitting in your area, plan an exciting evening for your dinner date that is completely outdoors. Find a location with fire pits, or invest in one for your home so that you can enjoy a night by the fire before, during, or after a romantic dinner. Bring other elements of nature into your evening that make the night even more romantic.

Plan a night like this when there is a full moon, or when you might be expecting an eclipse or rare star show in the evening. Make it a picnic outside and enjoy the fresh air and good company in the romantic setting that you design with Mother Nature.

Make Game Night Your Own Every Week

When you have run out of ideas to make date night special, get creative. Have a night in that doesn’t need to cost a lot and can be a lot of fun. Board games are one way to do that, but so are a lot of different competitive activities in popular culture. If one of you likes to watch the game every week, bring your own kind of game night into the evening. Plan dinner an hour or two before the game, and have a game night with a favorite board game, card game, or couple’s game where you can just unwind and have some fun together.

Board games and card games have a way of bringing out our fun side, and this can be a way where you just let go and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun before a big game. They also bring a fun and spontaneous element of competition into a relationship, which can strengthen your bond as you relax together. This kind of date makes meal planning simple. Bring finger foods, pizza and wings, and a night-long stock of munchies that will keep you both happy and full all night long. If you want to make this even more interesting, add an at-home beer-tasting event to make your date night stand out from the rest.

Create Your Next Dating Adventure Today

Are your wheels of inspiration turning yet? When you want to go out for dinner with your favorite person, you don’t have to break the bank or take them to Paris. You can come up with some ingenious dinner dates with a twist with just a few ideas and your own romantic flair. Put this list on your to-do list for this year, and watch the sparks fly. If you need more inspiration, visit our website or contact us for more romantic date ideas.

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