Sunglass replacement lenses

Most everyone knows that you can replace sunglass lenses, but most don’t realize that they’re getting the wrong shape of sunglass lenses replacements. Although you need to buy sunglass replacement lenses that will fit your shades, you may want to consider getting a new pair of sunglasses and replacement lenses that better fit your face.

Then again, most people don’t even know what shape their face is, or what kind of replacement lenses would work for them. So, here’s a handy tutorial!

Finding Your Face Shape.

Before you can get the right replacement lenses, you first need to figure out what shape of face you have. First, is your face wider than it is long? If so, by a lot or a little? What jawline do you have–circular, rectangular, or pointed? Is your hairline wide or narrow? Answering these questions will tell you which of the eight different face shapes you have.

Wider Face Shapes.

If your face is heart or square shaped, then you’d be best suited with a pair of cat-eye glasses, or other round frames. Oval sunglasses will work well, too. You’re also in luck, as many rounder sunglasses are coming back into vogue.

Narrower Face Shapes.

If your face is narrower than it is wide, then you’d do best with a pair of wider, rectangular frames. This means that a pair of wayfarer or aviator styled sunglasses would look perfect on you!

Circular Face Shapes.

Those who have circular face shapes are the luckiest out of anyone, because any kind of sunglasses will work for them! That’s right. If your face is oval or circular, then you could try on any one pair of sunglasses and expect them to look awesome on you!

Figuring out your specific face shape will help you find a pair of replacement lenses that are most suited to your face, but these general rules will work pretty well, too. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. More on this:

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