As mentioned in the video, travelers to Dubai would do well to learn about the protocols and customs attributed to taking cabs and buses. It helps to reduce risks and ensures a smooth trip from one point to another.

Tackling Protocols For a Taxi

Make arrangements to contact a taxi company in advance or land at a time when cabs will be available to avoid standing in long queues upon reaching the airport. The first time you book a taxi in Dubai city, try to get access to the latest rates, which vary with time of day and distance covered. When you arrive, go to the taxi stand that has signage showing the taxi company and confirm with the airport or company if it’s an official taxi service.

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This ensures security as the insured cab drivers follow the company rules and doesn’t engage in fraudulent use.

However, it’s essential that the driver must reach an agreement with the passenger even before the journey commences by telling them the set destination as well as the money that they will receive. Have enough cash on hand or carry a card, because most taxis accept both cash and cards as methods of payment. As for the quality of the journey, make sure that all traveling rules of the adjacent localities are obeyed, and the drivers’ commands for the passengers. Following these rules helps ensure an exciting and safe journey.

Prepare Before the Trip

Make time during the preparation for the trip to do some research on Dubai and get an airport taxi. Remember the taxi and bus conduct and rules during the trip. This will be an asset, and reduce the issues experienced when traveling in two cities or interacting with others without being confronted by many problems.


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