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Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your next great family vacation!

What does your family like to do when camping out for the weekend? Do you have a few who prefer to stay active and get in as much hiking as possible? How about kids who would rather be on their iPhones? When you’re trying to juggle the best possible family vacation against what seems like hundreds of preferences, starting with cabins can make your job much easier. A cozy, rustic cabin can create a sort of ‘home base’ for your family and friends, giving them all something to relate on even as they come up with their own personal adventures.

Americans Just Love Camping

Whether your family camps every year or is just considering it, you can’t deny the United States is one of the best choices to enjoy fun family vacations. Back in 2011 over 42 million Americans went camping. From relaxing under the open stars beside a tent to renting out luxury cabins, campers spent a collective $535 million days camping. That’s as many as two weeks per person! Part of the appeal of this long-standing tradition is how it encompasses so many fun and inviting traits in one handy package. Exercising, relaxing, mingling with family after time away…you can have it all.

There Are Lots Of Activities To Enjoy

The dreaded schedule. How can you help multiple family members and friends enjoy their vacation equally? Hiking is still the most popular activity to participate in while camping, according to recent studies, and is a great way to get fit while enjoying the beauty of nature. Campgrounds, in particular, can offer all sorts of additional activities to supplement your weekend and turn it into a time to remember. Golfing, fishing, volleyball and basketball are just some of the choices you can turn to in order to stave off boredom!

A Cabin Is A Relaxing Location

There’s nothing quite like stretching your legs by the fire in a luxurious cabin after a long day of hiking. Cabins come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate all family types, meaning you won’t have to worry about losing your budget when searching for a place to stay. Camping in a cabin is especially ideal for those that aren’t fond of ‘roughing it’ in nature, but still want to spend time with their family when the weather becomes more agreeable.

Find Fun Family Attractions

The United States is a huge country. Where to start? Give Sioux Falls a try. This beautiful location is named after the Sioux tribe of American Indians, with the waterfalls of the Big Sioux River also being located next to a huge downtown district. This is great if you want to pack away a few souvenirs for later! A survey provided by The Outdoor Foundation found over 65% of participants saying they camp the most in public campgrounds. Rather than simply follow in other people’s shoes, use this as an opportunity to explore what will make camping the most fun for you.

How To Come Up With A Great Camping Package

So you know about the unparalleled beauty of Sioux Falls. You’re wondering about all the delightful cabins you and your family can tuck away in at the end of the night. How do you make sure your vacation is a success and not a disaster? Try creating a list of things to do before you pack your bags, a guideline that will help keep everyone on track as you hike, fish and relax your weekend away. Family campgrounds can also offer some fun water-based activities depending on the location, such as pools, lakes and rivers.

Check out vacation rentals early and take advantage of the extra time to make your next family camping trip the best one yet!

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