Ray ban sunglasses repair

Nothing can ruin a summer day quite like a broken or scratched pair of sunglasses. You get in the car with your friends, you’re ready to go to the beach or the park for a picnic, and to shield your eyes from the painful light of the sun, you go to put your sunglasses on — and they’re scratched. The problem here is that your sunglasses are supposed to help you see better, not cloud your vision. What’s worse than scratched sunglasses is a scratched pair of designer glasses that cost you more than you’ve spent on any one item of clothing. The first thing that crosses your mind (besides unbridled fury) is that you need to find out how to replace sunglass lenses.
When it comes down to it, it simply is not safe to go without sunglasses. Not only are the rays of the sun painful, UV rays can cause a number of eye problems, including macular degeneration which can lead to cataracts. Overexposure to harmful rays from the sun can even cause skin cancer in the thin skin surrounding the eyes. Sunlight that reflects of off surfaces like water, snow, and sand can be just as harmful, so you should be sure to protect yourself in those situations as well.
Rather than worrying about how to replace sunglass lenses, you should worry about finding someone to do it for you. Instead of buying a new pair and throwing your scratched pair out, you can send them away for sunglass lens replacement. There are companies that take care of pretty much any product or service you’re looking for these days, and replacement sunglass lenses is one of them. When you do decide to get those lenses replaced, you should opt for new polarized lenses to protect yourself from UV rays.

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