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First aired in 2010, the Downton Abbey PBS television series has been launched into a program adored by 11.8 million viewers worldwide. The lavish and extravagant sets (it costs £1 million to produce one single episode) and engrossing character developments and plots of an aristocratic family and their servants contribute toward the popularity of this post Edwardian period drama. In fact, the show has received 27 Emmy nominations since its first episode; that is the highest number in television history.

Due to the international adoration received, many British television shows have given birth to an industry of vacation and tourist destinations, such as the Highclere Castle tour (which is used for the exterior shots and most interior shots of Downton Abbey), Doctor who london tour, and other English film set tours and British castle tour.

Highclere Castle, which resides in Hampshire, has been in existence since the 8th century. Its residents have been medieval bishops, earls, and even a refuge for evacuated children during World War II. For die hard fans, Downton Abbey travel or a Downton Abbey tour via a Highclere Castle tour provides devotees an up close look at the Crawley familys life, as well as the nearby village of Bampton. The Highclere Castle tour also gives viewers a glimpse at the gardens and woods of the castle. A mere 90 minutes from London, the Highclere castle tour brings a beloved television series to life.

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