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Maps of Hawaii do not tell the real story of the islands beauty. All over America’s most Western state you can find something to do on one of the many acres of beautiful beach. So what are some of the best beaches of Hawaii?

Snorkelers love Mokuleia Beach on Maui because it is a marine conservation district and fish are plentiful. This has made this one of the most popular beaches of Maui with not only tourists but people trying to see the vast aquatic life of the islands. Mokuleia is North Shore community but has a population of less than 2000 people.

Napili Bay is a secluded cove beach with dazzlingly clear water in Maui. Napili is an unincorporated community surrounded by condominiums and neighborhoods of people who work in the tourism industry. For many people the small size makes it one of the best beaches in Maui.

Wailea Beach on Maui offers something for every type of vacationer and family member. There is good swimming and snorkeling in calm waters and body surfing. The versatility of the water has made this one of the best beaches in Maui with tourists and residences.

Oahu is home to Kahala Beach or the urban Honolulu’s secret beach as it is known. This secrecy has helped make it one of the best beaches in Oahu to residents and tourists. Kahala is an affluent neighborhood of Honolulu because of its large concentration of expensive real estate and beach front property. Kahala Beach is rarely crowded.

Kahala Beach is not the only place to relax on Oahu. Lanikai Beach truly lives up to its translated name of “heavenly sea.” The beach is popular spot for tourists as it is extremely crowded on the weekends. Lanikai is also a popular spot for photo shoots for super models.

Thousands of travelers come to Hawaii every year in the hopes of finding sun and relaxation. The islands are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world where you can swim or snorkel or just relax.
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