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Everyone loves a room with a view, especially when that room is of a pristine waterfront. Whether lakeside, riverside, or beachside, waterfront resorts offer some of the most majestic views for any occasion. No matter if you’re staying stateside or going global, here are the top three reasons people flock to waterfront properties.

One of the newest wedding trends is destination weddings, which now account for around 15% of all weddings. Many weddings take place in summer with June and September as the most popular months with around 15% of all weddings taking place in each month. Generally, destination weddings on a beachfront can cost between $10,000-$50,000 or more depending on the amount of detail couples are willing to sink into their perfect day. For many couples, the stunning photos of a beachfront wedding at sunset or sunrise is worth every penny.

When the wedding is over, the honeymoon begins! Many couples make it a tradition of celebrating their marriage with a luxury vacation to the tropics. The global travel company Skift found that vacationers spend $23 billion dollars on rental properties in 2012. When asked what the most important aspect to booking a hotel, 21% of couples responded that “a stunning view” affected their decision.

Family Vacations
Almost half of vacation-goers built their entire vacation around their children. Beachfront hotels are generally family-friendly tourist destinations with boardwalks, restaurants, and attractions built around or on the waterfront. Nearly half of all Americans have plans to visit the beachfront at some point in the next 12 months. Family fun doesn’t get any easier than the beach!

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