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It is widely known that Americans work longer days, and more days, than workers in any other developed nation. Thus, vacation time for Americans is rare, if there is any vacation at all. As such, Americans treat their vacations almost as if they are sacred events. For those Americans who have the luxury of vacation time, they choose to spend their vacations doing those things that they enjoy, but never have time to do. For vacationers who prefer to spend their vacations traveling to foreign countries, they want to be certain that nothing will get in the way of having a good time. In order for things to go as smoothly as possible, there are some key international traveling tips that can help to keep an international vacation fun and safe.

Among the more essential traveling tips are travel packing tips. Out of 188 international travelers who were surveyed, nearly 40 percent said that their vacations would have been better had they packed better. When it came to packing insufficiently, respondents stated that they either packed too little clothing, the wrong type of clothing, or forgot a key item such as a camera or laptop. As such, packing traveling tips are probably the most simple of all foreign travel tips, yet it seems to cause the most problems.

Whenever traveling abroad, possibly the most important vacation tips of all are safety traveling tips. As far as safety goes, the best traveling tips caution individuals to never flash around a lot of money, credit cards, or jewelry. Doing so is just screaming for attention of the wrong kind, and becoming a victim, statistic, or worse. Thus, it one should refrain from flashiness. Furthermore, there are traveling tips that are musts for all American travelers. Depending upon the country or countries one is visiting, if prompted to reveal your country, it is sometimes better to say Canadian, rather than American. Of course, depending upon your talent with accents, Irishman, Australian, or even German can be fine options as well.

When it comes to vacations, it bit of extra care, vigilance, and following a few wise traveling tips can be the difference between paradise and disaster. As for finding the best traveling tips, there are literally hundreds, or even thousands of traveling tips available online. The bottom line when it comes to international vacations is to plan accordingly, be careful, and have fun.

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