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Summer is unofficially here. That means warm weather, bathing suits and sunscreen. It also means vacations and summer travel tips. For the many families who will soon be doing either domestic or international traveling tips are available.

Perhaps the most important of all international traveling tips is: do not lose your passport. While having other items misplaced or stolen can be disappointing and inconvenient, a missing passport is a catastrophe. Travelers have been delayed and unable to come home while waiting for a replacement passport.

One of the smartest international traveling tips is to make several copies of your important documents, including your passport, before you leave home. Keep copies of your passport and travel itinerary home, or with a family member. Also take at least one extra copy with you, and keep it someplace separate from the originals. If anything is lost or stolen, the copies will make replacement faster and easier.

There are some good travel packing tips that apply to just about any destination. Most people tend to over pack. Do not pack more than you will need. Plan on mixing and matching different outfits, and resist the urge to bring extra changes of clothing or any extra or unnecessary items such as irons or hair curlers. Traveling light is one of the vacation tips that can make your trip more enjoyable.

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