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On the average day, about 8 million people will fly either commercial or private. Whether their flight is one hour or 18 hours, people want to be entertained. While innovations in flight must be exponentially different for the average airline passenger to notice, inflight entertainment, or IFE systems are really what set one airline apart from another.

Most domestic flights are not for business purposes. About 78% of domestic trips are simply for leisure purposes, which means by the time a passenger gets on a plan they are already in vacation mode. Most passengers would like to be distracted from their flight. Their space is usually cramped, they are probably sitting amongst strangers, and the flight may be at least a couple of hours. In other words, it’s the perfect time for a movie. The passenger is ready to get away from their day-to day life, why not help them along?

An airline would do well to capitalize on this unique situation. After all, a customer is ready to tell three people about the great service they had, but will tell 10 people when they have a bad customer experience. And how do people look for the best deal? By word of mouth from friends and family, of course. It is not always possible to make significant changes that the customer will notice in terms of the speed of the flight, the amount of room, or even the variety in snacks. Entertainment is an area that is an initial cost upfront, but that pays off over time.

IFE systems have improved drastically over the last 15 years. Inflight entertainment systems have expanded largely due to improved aircraft display systems. These may be installed in the back seat headrest or in an overhead system. Passengers enjoy the ability to choose their own movie selection, as an adult may choose to watch the hot new thriller movie, while that same choice would be inappropriate for a family with young children. Essentially, an IFE system that allows for the passenger to make their own selections contributes to a higher rate of satisfaction through personalization.

You may believe that the majority of people on an airplane would rather attempt to rest than to watch any sort of movie or show. Actually, only about 17% of passengers prefer sleep over entertainment, while about 41% would rather watch a movie. While many people enjoy catching up on their reading to pass the time, they only account for about 21% of passengers.

When it comes to IFE systems, the data suggests that more is always appreciated. The airline may not be able to offer those in coach or economy seats more room (yet), they can offer passengers a means to escape their situation for a few hours. At least until they arrive at their destination.

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