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Camping with your family is a great way to spend a few days from work. If you remain at home you run the risk of spending the weekend or an entire vacation cleaning the basement, doing laundry, or working on the landscaping. Making reservations to go camping with your family, however, can help you get away from the burdens of being a home owner and get out into the great outdoors. A day at the beach is far better than a morning cleaning the tub. An afternoon by the lake is better than cleaning out the basement. A night by the campfire with the family is better than an evening when the kids are on their cell phone and your husband watches the football game.
Making the decision to go camping with your family is a decision to regroup and reconnect. Finding the perfect camping spot that allows you to enjoy great scenery while at the same time enjoy daytime activities like hiking and fishing can help you separate from your work and separate your teenagers from their technology. From vacation rentals near a lake to family campsites in the mountains, camping with your family is an opportunity that you do not want to miss.
Consider some of these facts and figures about family camping and way that mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers spend time together:

  • Family campgrounds often come with a variety of activities available. From rock climbing and horse back riding to miniature golf to hiking, a family campground provides plenty of options.
  • As many as 42.5 million Americans went camping in the year 2011.
  • Many mothers enjoy camping, but research shows that fathers are the most likely person to take their children camping for the first time.
  • Instead of spending money on expensive hotel rooms and eating out at fancy restaurants, another option might be staying at a rustic campground. Finding well appointed cabins can, however, can still help you find a way to enjoy some of the luxuries at home while you are away from the house.
  • Luxury cabins or rustic tenting locations in the woods, camping is a great option. In fact, campers in 2011 spent 534.9 million days camping, which amounts to an average of 12.6 days a person.
  • You can let everyone in your family help select the camping trips that you take. In fact, giving teenagers a chance to research locations and get the experience of making reservations are real life experiences that can be beneficial.

  • The camping industry is worth $15 billion a year in this country.
  • In a recent survey by The Outdoor Foundation, 67% of participants indicated that they do most of their camping in public campgrounds.
  • Making the decision to schedule time away from home and take the family camping can help you reconnect with your children and relax in beautiful locations across the country.
  • Estimates indicate that every year more than 11 million children and adults attend camp in the U.S.

In the busy world of kids with their school and sporting activities and your work, it can be difficult to find the FAMILY TIME that you really want. By camping with your family you can remove your entire family from the hustle and bustle of busy days at your house and in the office. Camp time is far different than the time that you spend at your house. Finding out what your teenagers want to talk about when they are away from their cell phones and watching your husband finally relax when he is fishing with his kids are the best ways to spend long weekends or an entire week of vacation time.

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