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If you run a business that depends on tourism to stay afloat, you’re probably very interested in not only maintaining customer relations, but continuing to expand your base. One of the best ways to do so is to maintain an active web presence and make sure that your online marketing is up to speed. SEO, for example, drives three quarters of web traffic and many consumers will research a business or product online before going ahead and making the purchase. Whether you’re renting cabins or a campsite, having a good website design can help consumers not only find you, but stick around long enough to figure out what you’re offering. So how can you improve your online presence? What do you need to be focusing on? How can a good campground website design help you?

How Can I Make My Online Presence Stronger and What Should I Hone In On? Focusing on SEO, your social media, and your website are all ways you can really lock down your online presence and draw customers in.

SEO is important when it comes to the almighty search engines. When consumers are shopping online, almost 45% start by going to a search engine. And according to NewsCred, almost 60% of B2B marketers point to SEO as having the largest impact on lead generation. Given that Google switches up its search algorithm anywhere from 500 to 600 times every year, you want to make sure your SEO is also constantly evolving. Hiring an SEO marketing company can help with this, as can generating more content. For example, starting up a blog with SEO heavy terms (like “cabins” or “RV parks” or “outdoor family vacations”) can help boost you higher in search engine results.

Your social media helps you interact with your existing customer base and potentially spread the word to others. Cute posts, posts that engage people browsing, and the right hashtags can all draw people in. You want to strike the right balance between clever, informative, funny, and aesthetically pleasing, depending on what platform you’re using. If something goes viral, your business will certainly benefit. And social media makes it easier for people to share your pages and information with others!

And, of course, your website definitely matters. Most people head straight to a website to look up more information about a business. They may want to see pictures of your cabins, or check-in info, or browse reviews left by other campers. Online research is a huge part of doing business these days and you want to make sure that your website is easy to access and navigate, informative without being cluttered, and looks modern and up to date. Many people tend to gauge how credible they think a business is by the appearance of their website. Not having a website is bad in this day and age, but having a bad website isn’t helpful either.

Hiring professionals for their specific services isn’t a bad idea if you need a little boost or guidance on how to revitalize your online presence.

How Can a Good Web Design Help Me?
A good website design can make your business look polished and professional. Customers may take you more seriously or have greater faith in the quality of your services. A clean and modern website design can make it easier for people to navigate, but make sure it also imbues the feeling of your business. If it’s more family-oriented, you want to make your site seem friendly, welcoming, and open. Pictures of the cabins, family play areas, and visitors having fun can go a long way.

Having customer reviews on your site can be a smart move as well — 80-90% of customers will check out online reviews before making a final purchase. And of course, you should make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Otherwise, users may get frustrated and navigate away to a different page — and competitor. Plus, Google data from 2015 shows that over half of smartphone users found a new company or item when they searched via their phones.

If you want to improve your traffic, look to your online presence!

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