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If you’re a native New Yorker or a passerby tourist, you’ll know that fall is one of the best times to tour the city. With so many things to do, places to see, and amazing restaurants to try, there’s no shortage of fun and romance to be had in New York City in the autumn season.
Here’s a list of fun things to do in the fall in Manhattan, including attractions, special trips, and even NYC bus tours:

Central Park
As one of the biggest and most historic city parks in all of the United States, Central Park is glorious during the fall. This 778 acre park is full of lush trees, a man made lake, and even a zoo. Stroll arm and arm with the one you love as you sip a warm cider, or bundle up to see the penguins for one last time. There are also a plethora of trails to get a nice, heart pumping walk or jog in as you witness the changing of the leaves. Ah, the glory of fall!

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
It wouldn’t be a fall visit to New York if you didn’t go and visit the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The first Macy’s Day Parade took place on Christmas in 1924. Over 250,000 people gathered to see the magnificently colored balloons festively displayed for all to see. Ever since, the parade has been synonymous with fall in New York, and symbolizes that time of beckoning, from fall into winter.

NYC Bus Tours
Let’s face it: easy travel in New York City is virtually impossible. For a temporary visitor or vetted New Yorker, navigating the subways and dealing with traffic, getting lost, and the cost of cabs is no easy endeavor. Instead, take a bus tour. Bus tours guarantee easy travel, allowing you to see all the sights in NYC your way, even when that fall chill is in the air!

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