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Camping may be an American pastime, but no two families like to take the same types of vacations. While camping out in a tent is the most popular way to get in touch with nature — done by about 86% of all U.S. campers and backpackers — it’s not the only way to experience the outdoors. Many families are looking to different vacation rentals to make their trips one of a kind.

Does your family love to camp? Are you ready to ditch the tent? Here are three different options that are perfect for any time of the year.


Renting a yurt is becoming more popular, as these types of tents offer far more than a standard pup tent. It tends to rank toward the bottom of the list of ways to camp, with only around 2% of campers using these accommodations. However, many people rent these round, spacious tents across the United States. These vacation rentals are especially popular in the Pacific Northwest, but they’re beginning to pop up all over.


RV camping no longer means plunking down thousands of dollars on a recreational vehicle that’s only getting use a couple of times per year. Today you can actually rent an RV for a short or long drive away from home. These vehicles help keep families comfortable year round with climate control, a bathroom, bunk beds, and other crucial vacation amenities.


Finally, there’s nothing quite like renting a cabin for a camping trip, and as many as one-third of all campers have done so at some point. Cabins can range from basic, with just enough to put a roof over your head, to the luxurious, complete with indoor plumbing, a gourmet kitchen, and enough bedrooms for even the biggest of families. Whether you’re staying in one of the nation’s many family camping resorts or you’re roughing it in the middle of nowhere, cabin camping is an essential part of any fun family vacations in the wilderness.

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