If you are looking for once in a lifetime adventures, planning a trip to Alaska should be at the top of your bucket list. There’s no better way to enjoy everything that Alaska has to offer than aboard a helicopter. You’ll receive a breathtaking aerial view of the rugged landscape, spot exotic wildlife traveling through the tundra, and sit in awe surrounded by some of the largest mountains in the world. Here are four amazing helicopter tours in Anchorage you won’t want to miss this summer.

Sled Dog Cart Ride

Dog lovers will enjoy this amazing experience that combines amazing helicopter aerial views with an exhilarating trail ride led by huskies. Begin your journey at the airport in Talkeetna and explore breathtaking views of the mountain tops of the Alaska Range. You’ll stop at a kennel owned by four-time Iditarod champion Dallas Seavey. Climb aboard your own mushing chariot as you lead a dog sledding team of four Alaskan huskies through a 45-minute trail ride.

Wilderness Place Lodge

This overnight adventure package provides round trip helicopter tours in Anchorage along with a two to three-night stay in a historic outpost cabin. You’ll receive a helicopter each day featuring breathtaking views of the mountains and glaciers. You may even get a glimpse of one of the 100,000 black bears that traverse the area. Enjoy gourmet cuisine, kayaking, a scenic floatplane trip, and guided river fishing and rafting.

Denali Flight Seeing With Remote Landing

Explore the massive Denali mountain top with a birds-eye view from a helicopter ride. This 20,130-foot mountain is able to be seen from 250 miles away on a clear day. You’ll get to land on top of this gigantic mountain and spend 15 minutes snapping pictures of the rugged and remote Alaskan landscape.

Knik River Lodge

Hop aboard a helicopter tour whisking through the Chugach Mountain Range and wind through an astonishing Knik River valley. You will land and step foot on an ancient ice glacier that’s thousands of years old. Explore massive glacier crevasses, gaze upon the blue azure melt pools, and have some fun throwing a few snowballs. Warm-up next to a cozy fireplace and get some rest in a private Alaska cabin with all the comforts of home. Wake up to an included breakfast featuring Alaskan farm-fresh cuisine.

These amazing helicopter tours in Anchorage will be an adventure you and your family will never forget! You’ll cherish every moment you spend exploring this frozen tundra. Don’t wait another moment and book a tour today!

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