Alaska and Hawaii were the last two states to join the Union, and neither one are part of the continental 48 states (or the “lower 48”). All the same, both of these states are very popular for domestic travel and vacations, and while they have modest native populations, these states enjoy a lot of tourism due to their exotic wildlife and native history. While Hawaii is popular for its tropical beaches and waters, Alaska offers a different but no less exciting sort of vacation getaway. Sunny beaches are often the typical image of a vacation, but that’s far from the only option. Outdoor enthusiasts may love the expansive, rugged wilderness of Alaska, from its pine forests and mountains to frozen lakes and rushing rapids and more. Tours by dogsled, Anchorage helicopter tours from up above, an Alaska glacier wedding, and more are all possible in this northern state.

Why Alaska

For some Americans, Alaska might seem like an odd choice of vacation spot, given its cold climate and remote location. This state has a generous land border with Canada and it’s closer to Russia than the “lower 48”. But this frozen, remote state boasts some high rates of tourist satisfaction, and for many guests, Alaska has a lot to offer. Many studies have been done on tourism in Alaska, and while this state might not compete with Hawaii’s sheer volume of tourists, Alaska’s guests often report high levels of satisfaction with their trip. Some tourists who go there are pleasantly surprised with how much they enjoyed their visit, and very few survey respondents reported being dissatisfied with their Alaska adventure. And while this state has cities like Juneau and Anchorage, many guests go to Alaska for the wilderness.

Anchorage helicopter tours are an example of this. In some states today, such as Hawaii and indeed Alaska, helicopter tours are offered for interested tourists to see the panorama from up above. On board Anchorage helicopter tours, tourists may put on headsets to listen to the tour guide over the noise of the vehicle, and they may learn all about local history and wildlife while taking in a fantastic view from high above, safe in a helicopter. Some tourists like to go it alone and go dog sledding or hiking, but others would rather get on board Anchorage helicopter tours and see the sights from a safe distance. These helicopters may fly in all but the worst weather.

States that offer helicopter tours may see a lot of interested guests, so someone planning an Alaska vacation may want to look up and book Anchorage helicopter tours ahead of time to secure a slot for one. A tourist may find slots for these tours available during their planned vacation, or in some cases, the tourist may in fact plan their trip around an open helicopter tour slot, rather than the other way around. And when someone is visiting a state during its busy tourist season, it may be a good idea to book those helicopter tours far ahead of time, weeks or even months in advance.

Nature and Weddings and More

Meanwhile, many tourists in Alaska will want to see the wildlife and terrain up closed, and indeed many tourists in this state prefer to “rough it.” These tourists are interested not in helicopters or hotels in cities, but rather, they want to go ice fishing, hunting, hiking, or kayaking alone or in small groups, immersing themselves in Alaska’s vast expanses of wilderness. Such tourists may rent log cabins for their accommodations rather than a city hotel, and they may also rent ice fishing cabins and bring along dog sleds, kayaks, hunting gear, or sightseeing gear such as binoculars and sketch books. There’s plenty of nature in Alaska to see.

Meanwhile, spring and summer in Alaska may be a fine opportunity for a destination wedding, and many American brides and grooms like to have destination weddings at beaches, historic sites, rustic farms, or indeed, Alaska. Guests may be flown into this faraway state and stay at hotels, and everyone may be amazed by the natural panorama and backdrop for the outdoor wedding ceremony itself. A backdrop of glaciers, mountains, pine forests, and lakes may make for an unforgettable scene.

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