Make Time for a Getaway At Parks In Carter County KY

In 2017 62% of families took a vacation. Are you and your family part of that 62%? You should be. Parks in Carter County KY are waiting for you to come an unwind and enjoy each other’s company. One of the reasons that families forego a vacation is finances, but a great getaway does not have to break the bank.

Parks in Carter County KY offer a great affordable getaway that helps to bring families together. Spend less on the vacation and more time building relationships in the great outdoors.

No Wifi Necessary

The panoramic scenery of hiking in Carter County KY is enough for anyone to put down their phones and really soak in the beauty. A family vacation that puts you in the heart of the natural beauty of Carter Caves State Resort Park will help you all to connect again.

The kids will love the opportunity to spend quality time with parents and parents will love the fact that there is so much to do outside that no one will want to have their nose in electronics. It is a wonderful way to bond.

The kids will enjoy the opportunity to experience nature at it’s finest instead of viewing it online. This can be the family vacation tradition you have been wanting to start. Each season offers something different to explore and view. Visiting the parks in Carter County KY never gets old.

Unplug and Get Outside

Families struggle today to stay connected to one another. Parents are worried that their kids are on their devices too much, and they are right. Children spend hours a day on their devices and miss out on a whole lot of living.

Explore the caves, hit a few balls around the Hidden Cove golf course, go on a hike, there is so much to do and see in parks in Carter County KY that no one will want to sit inside. The best conversations can be had when you and your family connect with nature.

This is a kid-friendly vacation that offers something for the entire family. Get back to the basics and make unforgettable memories. Affordable vacation options are waiting for you in Carter County KY.


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