In the United States, the American people spend many days and nights working. Some work in offices, outside, or at home. Regardless of where you work, one thing is for certain, you do a lot of work over the span of a year. So, it’s only understandable that you’ll want a break. This is when a vacation comes into play. Some people enjoy spending their vacation on sandy, hot beaches. Others enjoy spending their vacation at popular, well-known theme parks. Lastly, others enjoy spending their vacation in nature. But, all in all, 37% of families agree that their vacation made them happy. If you’re planning a family vacation, here is why you should consider the great outdoors.

Grayson Lake State Park

If you desire the peace, relaxation, and fun of the great outdoors, Grayson Lake State Park is ideal for your next family trip. There is so much to do at Grayson Lake State Park!

Boating: If your family or yourself love boating, this is an activity, you can also do at Grayson Lake State Park. You can rent a boat and take it out on the lake. While on the lake, treat yourself to the beautiful views. It will definitely relax your mind and your body. In addition, you can take boats out for a fishing trip, and even bring food and drinks on a pontoon. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a fun time boating! Make this a great vacation for your family and yourself!

Camping: In the great outdoors, the most common activity to try is camping. At Grayson Lake State Park, the campground is 71 sites! It’s very spacious for all types of families. This is beneficial for your family and yourself because you’ll be able to have your own privacy while on a friendly campground. Additionally, the campgrounds at Grayson Lake State Park are comfortable as they provide you with restrooms, showers, and spaces to do your laundry- just to name a few. If you want to experience being one with nature and sleeping under the stars, you should consider Grayson Lake State Park for your next family vacation.

Hiking: Being in the great outdoors wouldn’t be complete without a day filled with fun hiking! If you’re looking for places to visit, hiking gives you the opportunity to see many different places. Your family and yourself can explore various forest trails, see beautiful flowers and plants, and also have some quality bonding time.

Kayaking: If you want to give your feet a break from hiking, kayaking is great! You can explore the entire lake around the park, and play games like spotting fish or waterfalls!

A Picnic: In the great outdoors, especially this area, there are various fun picnic spots. You can pack your own food and also bring food to cook onsite! Most importantly, there is playground equipment your children can play on, and with. This will keep them occupied while you prepare your meal for the day. You can even rent picnic shelters just in case it rains, or if you want some private time with just your family. Everyone is guaranteed to enjoy themselves at this spot!

Things To Do In Carter County KY

While considering a vacation in the great outdoors, consider all the amazing activities you can participate in while outside.

Waterfalls: If you’re a tourist that likes to find hidden spots in nature, you can go see various waterfalls throughout KY. For example, there are Laurel Fork Falls and Little Laurel Branch Falls. In either location, you’ll fully immerse yourself in the pure beauty of nature. Yourself and your family can hike to these picturesque spots and spend time with one another. Additionally, you’ll be able to have private time.

Golf: Some families love to play a game of golf together. If you’re that family, then this vacation destination is ideal for you! There are various golf courses you can play on, including hidden cove golf course. You can play a few games of golf and then enjoy delicious meals. This is also ideal if you want a break from hiking or being completely immersed in the great outdoors.

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