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Are you taking all of your vacation time? Long-term studies that track worker habits around the world consistently show that Americans need a break: we rarely take all of our vacation time and we tend to get less than our peers in other countries. How many vacation days do you have left this year? If you’re looking for a mini-break, you could find things to do in a nearby city: tour the city, take a single day bus tour, or even rent a charter bus with some friends and explore the beach or local national parks. If you’re planning a longer getaway, you may want to avoid parking your car at the airport: there are shuttle services around the country that offer airport transportation.

In general, Americans are starting to make more frequent use of shuttle services. Finding alternative airport transportation could drastically cut down on parking times and help you to avoid the cost of long-term airport parking. Airport transportation is available close to the more than 350 major airports in this country, and if you’re thinking of scheduling a trip, just leave ample time to contact your local shuttle company. There are more than 20 million air trips every week, all around the world, and easy travel plans should include a shuttle ride directly to your terminal. Too often, we wait years to take a vacation: the convenience and comfort of door to door transportation can get your vacation started off on a relaxing note.

Charter bus rental
is also a popular option for wedding parties. If you want to take your wedding party on a trip through wine country, there’s no need to have everyone drive separately. Just pile onto a charter bus and let the driver know your itinerary. Chartering a bus is safer and also great for the environment: every time we take a shuttle bus or limousine, we’re actually cutting down on the number of cars on the road. Taking the shuttle bus option on longer trips can cut down on the cost of gas and give you more money to plan your trip or wedding vacation. Shuttle buses are more efficient than trains and city buses, and being able to sit back and look at the scenery can be relaxing if you don’t take a vacation very often.

If you have a really hard time deciding where to go on vacation, take some time and watch travel documentaries online. You will get an in-depth view of the best the city has to offer. Wondering where to go to eat? Travel hosts make a living from finding the best — and the cheapest — food all over the world. A food truck in Singapore recently earned a Michelin Star, the highest food accolade available. You never know what a city has to offer until you go, but watching travel documentaries can help you figure out where to start. Arranging airport transportation from the airport to the hotel is also advisable, because you may feel overwhelmed by traveling in an unfamiliar city.

Travel can be fun, but figuring out how to take time off from work can be extremely stressful. If you really can’t get away for more than a few days, take day trips to special events. You may be surprised at the variety of events available close to home. If you’re ready to go farther afield, see if you can find a few day trips that you don’t want to miss. History fans may want to go see local castles or sites of famous battles, while foodies may want to attend outdoor festivals and local cookouts. Whatever your traveling style, it’s important to make sure that you plan ahead and remember: work will always be there when you get back.

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