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The average American driver logs about 12,500 miles annually, or over 1,000 miles every month. Experts say that if more Americans made use of charter buses for longer trips and for special events, we could lower carbon emissions by over 4 tons — per car — every year. For weddings, high school proms, airport express shuttle services, single day bus tours, and other organized outings, many groups are choosing to rent a charter bus.

A charter bus company should provide a driver — with appropriate licensing — for outings and special events. In general, charter buses can provide an easy travel experience and are surprisingly ecologically-friendly. Compared to cars, charter buses are about six times more energy-efficient than cars that only carry a few passengers and can replace up to 55 single-driver cars from American roads.

Some groups like to take trips to larger cities, and they enjoy the ability to socialize on the way without having to take separate cars. A charter bus company should work with interested parties to set a group agenda that their driver can follow, and the cost of tolls and parking should be worked into the final quoted price of the trip.

When it is time to contract with a charter bus company for bus rental, taking a tour of the charter bus itself is highly recommended. Some groups prefer buses with televisions and radio systems, while others are specifically looking for buses with tables that they can use to pass the time playing cards and having meals on board. Proper luggage storage is also extremely important for groups who are taking longer trips that include a stay at a hotel.

Whether the trip is a one-day outing to take a tour of fall leaves or an exciting jaunt into a major city to see a theatrical show, many groups are choosing to contract for shuttle bus and charter bus services. In the interest of making a positive impact on the environment, single day bus tours and longer trips seem to be much more relaxing when travel time can be spent catching up with friends and admiring the view from a charter bus window.

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