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How many family camping trips did you get to take last year?
If you are like most families, your answer is likely that you did not get to go as often as you would have liked. The decision to get in a few more early fall camping trips, however, can help you add a couple more great outings to your list for 2017. Whether you have a family tradition of visiting one of the local camping sites that schedules a camp wide Halloween or Fall Harvest Parade or you are going to be trying an October or November trip for the first time, the decision to camp in the fall is always a good one. Without having to battle the hot heat of the summer, fall family camping trips let you enjoy the mild temperatures before the winter cold arrives.
When was the last time that your family went out camping? Finding a way to get your family members to clear their calendars for one more camping trip this fall, however, may not always be easy. If you can tear your kids and your spouse away for even a short weekend in October, though, you will likely find that this is the time of year that your family enjoys the most. From fancy camping resorts to the most basic tent camping spaces, the decision to camp is a decision to reconnect with your family and disconnect from both technology and the busy schedules of being at home.
Consider these facts about the camping industry and some of the the reasons that Americans participate in this activity in THE GREAT OUTDOORS when they take family camping trips:

  • Too often family members get so caught up in their activities and their work that they do not get to spend as much time together as they want. Escaping on a family camping trip is the best way to reconnect.
  • Having a reservation ahead of time can help you make sure that you get a camping spot on even the busiest of weekends.
  • Estimates indicate that 87% of of campers participated in multiple outdoor activities.

  • Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city is a great opportunity to enjoy time with your family and friends.
  • Research indicates that campers travelled an average distance of 186.7 miles for their camping trips.
  • Estimates show that 12% of adult participants first went camping with their immediate family.
  • As many as 99% of camping participants said they were ?very likely? or ?likely? to camp next year, according to the 2014 American Camping Report.
  • The simple act of camping is the biggest motivation for taking a camping trip.

  • One survey shows that 47% of adult participants camped just because they enjoyed it, which is good news for the activity.
  • Until you take a family camping trip, you likely do not realize the fun that can be a part of sitting around the campfire underneath the star.
  • Tent sites for camping are typically the least expensive available camping option.
  • Data from the year 2010 indicates that approximately 40 million people went camping for a total of 515 million outings
  • Online reservations allow families to book their stays weeks, and sometimes months, in advance.
  • Opportunities to be together as a family are sometimes few and far between. A camping trip, however, can eliminate many of the distractions that keep families from spending time together and having great conversations.
  • Rivers and lakes make for great camping locations in many states. With an opportunity to boat and fish, for instance, families can spend an entire day outside enjoying nature and the regional landscape. A sunrise boat trip is an especially great way to celebrate the beginning of a new day.
  • Summer days often slip by too quickly. If your family did not get a chance to go camping as often as they wanted in June, July, and August, consider an early fall camping tip in October or November. The milder temperatures help families enjoy being outside.

The next time that you get ready to plan a trip for your family, consider visiting THE GREAT OUTDOORS. No matter if you travel several states away or you simply take your family camping trips a few miles from your home, getting in touch with nature is always a great idea.

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