Do you want to plan a fall camping trip, but you are afraid of the unpredictable weather? Fall can actually create the perfect camping opportunity. The weather is a bit cooler, preventing you from being too hot during your vacation. The leaves are changing colors, giving you a beautiful backdrop for your camping experience. Finally, there are many fall activities that are just better in these months. If you are planning a fall camping trip, keep the following tips in mind.

Always check the weather and bring proper clothing items
It can be a bit more difficult to pack during the fall months. The weather is often very unpredictable. It can be extremely cold one day and then sunny and warm the next. Always check the weather ahead of time and still remember to bring both warm and cool clothing. It is also likely that the nights will be a bit chillier, so you will want heavier sweaters or jackets for outdoor night activities. You also might want to change out your bedding for a warmer comforter.

Carefully choose your fall camping accommodations
Tent sleeping might not be ideal during the fall months. If you camp during a colder time, it can make for a very uncomfortable sleeping situation. Fall camping is best spent inside of a cabin or RV park. Fortunately, many camping grounds offer both outdoor tent spaces and RV parking spots. With RV parks, you have two camping options. Two main categories of RVs are motorhomes (motorized) and towables (towed behind the family car, van, or pickup). A cabin rental can also be a unique fall camping experience that gives you both electricity and heat for additional comfort.

Bring or gather a lot of firewood
Remember that it gets darker much earlier in the fall and winter months. Because the sun sets earlier, you will have to find more night time activities that can be done in the dark. A campfire is the perfect fall camping activity to spend your nights with. Just make sure you have enough firewood. You will also rely on the light from the firewood to participate in other outdoor nighttime activities. Some camping grounds provide guests with firewood, while others require that guests bring it on their own. If you are traveling to an RV park, you can simply head indoors as it gets dark out.

Plan a lot of hiking trips
Of course, hiking can be entertaining during the summer. However, hiking trails that allow you to view the fall foliage is an entirely unique experience. In fact, this is one of the best parts of camping during the fall months. If possible, plan your fall camping trip in a national state park. The Rocky Mountain National Park spans across 265,769 acres of pristine wilderness (358 square miles), making it one of the largest national parks in the United States. National parks often have many hiking trails that allow you explore the beautiful views of fall in a unique setting.

Go for a fall drive
Even if hiking is not your thing, taking a fall drive through the beautiful fall scenery is an option. Many of the larger national state parks also have driving areas. You can explore many of the same views as if you were hiking, but driving is much more child friendly. There are approximately 11 miles of a drive along Trail Ridge Road that are just above timberline and are a great option. You can even explore these views on your drive into the national state park, as you head to your campsite, cabin, or RV parking spot.

Fall is the perfect backdrop for a camping experience. Although the weather is not entirely predictable, it gives you much more hiking and driving fall sightseeing experiences. You can better prepare for the changing weather by choosing to camp in an RV park or cabin with electrical. Fall camping is an experience that everyone should try at least once.

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