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Every year, tens of millions of people travel across the country and across the world to be with their loved ones for the holidays. In the United States, for example, it’s expected that more than 43 million will travel for the holiday season, according to AAA. If they could afford it, many more would likely travel to Europe, around the States, and elsewhere. However, as The Guardian writes, the average cost of taking a holiday in Europe is £2000 for a family. If you’re struggling to get together with your family and friends this holiday season for monetary reasons, here are four simple tips for finding holiday deals on hotels, airfare, and more.

Act Fast
Kiplinger writes that the best way to save on hotel reservations and airplane tickets is to make your reservations as soon as you know you’re going. For every day you put off booking your flight, for example, the source estimates you add another $5, £3, to each ticket. It can be tempting to wait and see if the price for holiday packages drops, but more likely than not, it just isn’t going to happen.

Ask a Friend to Drive You to the Airport
As Real Simple points out, one of the easiest ways to cut costs for your holiday adventures is to avoid taking cabs and driving yourself to the airport. Both cab prices and airport parking prices are known to climb around the holidays, ensuring you wind up with a fatter bill than you’d really like to pay. Try asking your friend to drive you to the airport instead. If you feel guilty about asking for the favor, treat them to breakfast; it will still be cheaper than paying for parking or cab fare.

Rethink Your Mode of Transportation
While airfare may be the most convenient way to travel, assuming your flight isn’t canceled for snow, it is often the most expensive. As US News writes, rethinking your mode of transportation and taking the train or bus, if possible, is a great way to slash your travel costs. Some services, the source writes, will offer 50% off for child, student, and veteran tickets.

Use Coupon Sites
So far, we’ve shown you great ways to find holiday deals on airfare and hotel rooms, but what if you want to get out and do something on your travels? For that, you should consider using internet coupon sites, like Groupon. Groupon offers some of the best holiday deals around for locals and travelers alike. Imagine, you’re traveling to London for the holidays, and you want to head to London’s Proud Cabaret with your friends and family. With Groupon, you can buy tickets for a full meal and show for £29.00 each, saving 63% per person.

Finding holiday deals, whether discount hotel rates, cheaper airfare, or otherwise, can be the difference between seeing the people you love and spending the season alone. With these tips for finding holiday deals, you can find success with your hotel search, transportation costs, and more. Happy travels and happy holidays!
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