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How does in flight entertainment work?

This is a common question asked by travelers as they book another flight for the year. Not only do people want to get from point A to point B quickly, they want to do so comfortably. No single flight is the same for any one person and it’s your duty to accommodate as many people as best you can. This means not just crafting comfortable chairs and addressing concerns as they arrive, but having more than enough entertainment to suit all kinds of tastes. If your airline wants to take advantage of the rising amount of flights taken these past few years, you’ll want to do more than just update your aircraft display systems.

Did you know over eight million people fly each and every year? That’s even before we get into the reasons why people fly, which are even more varied than the services you offer. The past few years have been particularly good for airlines due to this increased activity, causing many to look into their technology to see how they can step up their game even further. Even asking the simple question, “How does in flight entertainment work for people who like movies, music or shows?” will do wonders for putting you on the same level as your customers.

The most important thing you can know is what your customers both need and want from your airline. Studies have been conducted by various travel groups to better assess these needs and provide data to both hotels and airlines. According to an Air Travel Survey conducted back in 2013 by TripAdvisor, over 55% of customers will use their smartphones for flight alerts. That’s up by 10% from just the previous year! Another 40% find a tablet or iPad carry-on feature an essential part of their flight experience. Last, but not least, 25% of respondents would actively switch to another airline if they offered better wi-fi services.

Is that all you need to know? Not quite. While asking, “How does in flight entertainment work for my airline model?” is a great first question, there are still more features your airline needs to have to keep everyone covered. Additional surveys found nearly 20% of passengers prefer to sleep on their flight. Another 20% like to read and nearly 40% love to watch movies or shows on the way to their destination. Aircraft interior products should be paired with quality IFE monitors and comfortable seating to make sure all people, no matter their mood or taste, gets the most out of the experience.

Direct spending by both resident and international travelers in the United States has been skyrocketing. It’s estimated at $2 billion per day, over $105 million per hour and $1 million every minute. That’s a lot of money you could be making when you invest in an upgrade for your in flight entertainment models. Direct spending on leisure travel by both domestic and international travelers is also doing quite well, with 2014 totaling a staggering $645 billion and breaking a few records. Just the year prior total passenger numbers surpassed the three billion mark for the first time.

Good aircraft display systems should be clear, easy to use and filled with engaging options for your viewers. This means having a strong selection of mainstream movies and shows for them to dive into while on a long flight, with accompanying headphones for them to use as not to disturb the other passengers. Music, independent movies and news can also be offered to keep options fresh. More than three out of four domestic trips will also be taken for leisure purposes, meaning quite a few customers may prefer to have fun than relax or work while on their flight.

How does in flight entertainment work? When you put forth the effort, you can guarantee it will always add to the experience.

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