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Zanzibar, an island off the east coast of Africa, is home to a huge variety of different vacation resorts, tourist attractions, and natural wonders not found elsewhere in the world. According to Zanzibar Away, the region experiences average temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius, 77 degrees Fahrenheit, no doubt explaining why TripAdvisor lists the island’s beaches as its number one attraction. However, for many, it’s not the beaches that makes visitors want to book one of Zanzibar’s many vacation resorts; it’s the creatures that live below the Indian Ocean’s waves.

Situated to the south of the equator, Zanzibar enjoys some of the mildest tropical weather in East Africa. This is certainly a boon for the tourists flooding to the island’s many beach resorts, but it’s a veritable paradise for the turtle’s and tropical fish who swim here. Because of the unique climate zone, many who stay in Zanzibar’s luxury hotels make a real effort to take in the region’s rare oceanic attractions.

Zanzibar’s Oceanic Attractions

  • The Mnarani Natural Aquarium
  • The Mnarani Natural Aquarium, located in Nungwi, is one of the premiere natural attractions for many luxury resorts’ guests and locals alike. Mnarani, meaning “place of the lighthouse”, according to Zanzibar Travel Guide, is unique among all aquariums in the world, functioning more as a preserve with a view than what most traditionally call an aquarium. Set up around a natural tide pool that has formed around a lighthouse on Zanzibar’s northernmost tip, this natural aquarium has given hawksbill turtles the footing they need to recover from threatened status. That’s good for the turtles, but it’s great for the area’s all inclusive resorts that benefit from the aquarium’s tourist draw.

  • The Wrecks off Stone Town
  • Stone Town is unarguably the most famous area of Zanzibar. After all, Queen front-man Freddie Mercury was born there. However, it’s what lies off the coast of Stone Town that many appreciate most. Under the aquamarine waves of the Indian Ocean is a veritable ship graveyard, full of sunk British ships. The Great Northern, a late 19th century cable-layer, and the Royal Navy Lighter present beginner and advanced divers, respectively, with amazing chances to see the region’s spooky yet exciting underwater tombs. While there, divers can see tropical fish species, like Yellow-finned Goatfish, according to Zanzibar One Ocean.

  • Natural Oceanic Reefs
  • For those with a natural, healthy aversion to shipwrecks and the devilish creatures that live within them, there are the region’s myriad natural reefs. Bawe Island, Murogo Reef, Pange Reef, and Nyange Reef, none of which are more than 25 minutes off the island by boat, give guests of local Zanzibar resorts the opportunity to see turtles at sea, blue spotted rays, and more.

There can be no denying that Zanzibar is a paradise, especially when you consider its unparalleled access to the wonders of the Indian Ocean. Lovers of the ocean and all of its creatures should take advantage of local vacation resorts. They grant the very best access to everything under this part of Neptune’s kingdom.
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