Are you looking to get away for a significant amount of time? Do you want a place to stay in that feels more personal than a hotel and a wider range of amenities? You should consider looking at vacation rentals as an option for your next getaway. There area ll types of rental properties — seasonal and year-round. You could rent a charming, cozy ski lodge in the winter and a beautiful beachside property in the summer. It can make a simple vacation feel much more upscale and personalized — perfect for those who might be taking a trip to celebrate a significant event! Vacation rentals are also great for big groups or people who want to explore the local scene. They allow you to get a feel for a local neighborhood and enjoy a much more personalized experience than a hotel can afford. You can cook, do laundry, and lounge about in a private space when you opt for a vacation rental instead of a hotel. Before putting money down on a rental though, there are some tips for choosing a rental property that you should know.
Why Get Away?
Despite the average American’s workaholic schedule and limited vacation time, taking a vacation every year is important. Almost 40% of families say that going on vacation makes them happy — it’s the activity that actually makes families the most happy as a whole. It’s a chance to explore new terrain, indulge and pamper yourself, and unwind from the everyday stress.
Others may take a vacation as a “celebration vacation.” Almost 70% of leisure travelers have taken a celebration vacation to commemorate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or wedding. Many celebration vacationers will often opt to do a vacation rental, which has significantly boosted this sector.
Why Should I Choose a Vacation Rental?
There are five main reasons that travelers choose to opt for a vacation rental instead of a hotel, resort, or condo. Most cited value for price as the top (almost 95%) — while vacation rentals are often not cheaper than hotels, the amenities, privacy, and location you get often makes the value much greater than that of a hotel. No surprise then, that privacy was the second reason, with 90% of respondents citing that for why they preferred vacation rentals. Over 85% liked the full kitchen facilities, 84% appreciated the amenities available, and over 80% enjoyed that they had more space overall.
Over 20% of leisure travelers have decided to rent a vacation home versus staying at a traditional hotel or resort in the last two years and almost 25% of family travelers have stayed in a vacation home instead of a hotel/resort in the last year. Regardless of whether you’re vacationing primarily in the summer or winter, vacation rentals have you covered. Renting a cozy chalet in the winter and coming home to hot chocolate and a fire in a vacation rental is so much better than sitting in a hotel room!
What Are Need to Know Tips For Choosing a Rental Property?
Of course, when you’re looking at vacation rentals, there are some invaluable tips for choosing a rental property that you should know about. First of all, make sure you’re only using reputable websites. Using smaller, third-party websites might very well get you ripped off and stranded.
Be sure to check out reviews if they’re available and think about your location. Do you want to be more central to a shopping/restaurant/populated area? Or do you only care about the slopes or the beach? How can you get from one place to another? If you’re driving, is there a secure parking place for your vehicle?
Make sure you’re also paying attention to fees that might be more “hidden,” such as cleaning fees, insurance or booking fees, and any deposits you need to make ahead of time.
With these tips for choosing a rental property well in hand, go forth and find your next adventure. Enjoy your vacation in the comfort and privacy of a vacation rental, not the impersonal and predictable atmosphere of a hotel.

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