Central park horses

If there is one thing NYC is famous for it’s the opportunity for a ride in a horse carriage, this is usually one of the main attractions people want to experience when sightseeing. considering central park has around 42 million visitors per year so you could say it’s also pretty popular. They also have different horse carriage types to choose from such as open or covered depending on if you want to see the scenery outside or in.

Although, if you live there this may all be old news to you but a nice romantic ride could make a big difference on first dates and hopefully up your chances of a second. Here are a couple good reasons to take advantage of a carriage ride through central park with a new love interest.

How this helps you!

A ride in an nyc horse carriage has always been considered a romantic pastime, especially at night but it could really benefit you romantically because it lasts the perfect amount of time; which is generally around 40 minutes or so. You may be wondering what the length of the trip has to do with securing that second date and it’s because men and women are vastly different.

While it only takes men about 15 minutes to decide whether or not they want a second date, it takes women considerably longer at around an hour to make that decision and a ride in a horse-drawn carriage is the perfect opportunity to make a romantic impression. It may be a good idea to take the horse carriage before the other plans for the evening, this gives you both a chance to talk a bit and learn a little about each other without the distractions of a restaurant or movie theater.

A stagecoach ride may not only help with your first impressions but also make the rest of the date more comfortable without those moments of awkward silences since you have already learned a bit about each other. So the next time you are anticipating a new date you might want to consider this as a first date option if only just to give yourself that hour to really make an impact.

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