Sand dunes camping

Have you been considering going camping, but you don’t want to rough it in a tent? If so, you have plenty of options, from cabin rentals to high-end glamping experiences. Yet if you’re interested in owning a recreational vehicle, or RV, or if you’d like to try one out by renting one, then you may fare better for a family vacation by heading to your nearest RV camping grounds.

What do so many people love about camping in an RV? Check out some fast facts on RV camping below, and make your New Year’s resolution to try RV camping for 2016 if you’ve never done it before.

  • RV camping is popular. Although tent camping is preferred by about 86% of campers by one estimate, RV camping is in the top five favorite types of camping among Americans. Roughly 24% of campers said that they have camped in an RV; also in the mix were cabin camping, backpacking, and drive-up campsites.
    • Camping in an RV may prolong your stay in the wilderness. The average tent camping trip lasts just one to two days for the majority (70%) of campers, which isn’t a very long time. RV camping trips, on the other hand, can last much longer. Roughly 28% of those surveyed said they spend up to five days or more, on average, in their RVs when they go to RV camping grounds. That’s the longest out of any other form of camping, and it can give you and your family plenty of time to spend hiking, fishing, or participating in other outdoor activities.
      • RV camping grounds give you the same access to the great outdoors. Most campers (70% of them) go to public campgrounds, where campers have access to the mountains, rivers, lakes, wooded areas, and other natural wonders throughout the United States. Whether you stay in an RV, rent a cabin, or pitch a tent, however, you’ll still have access to the natural beauty surrounding the campgrounds. Of campers surveyed, 87% said that they participate in multiple outdoor activities, and all campgrounds — public and private, RV and tent — give campers the chance to hike, climb, fish, hunt, and relax outdoors.

      How do you prefer to go camping? Tell us where you prefer to stay or how you plan to camp out in 2016 in the comments!

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