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People are on the move. Travel by land, sea and air is a multifaceted business in the United States and throughout the world.

The Friendly Skies

There are thousands of commercial flights each day that transport over three million people around the world. There are 31 national airports located in the United States along with more than 19,000 airports, heliports and other landing facilities.

Getting to the Airport

In 2012, records show that 33 percent of business travel involved some sort of air transportation. This factor creates a need for airport shuttle service to the airports and other landing locations. This need is met by 16,000 vans and shuttle services that operate across the nation and provide transportation to the airport. On the east coast, you can easily find airport and express airport shuttle services to such cities as Philadelphia, Newark and Wilmington.

Catch the Bus

Statistics show that 631 million people travel by motor coach each year in the United States and Canada. Not only is motor coach travel easier than driving one’s own vehicle, but it is better for the environment. Each motor coach can potentially take the place of 55 personal passenger vehicles on our nation’s roadways. This action would potentially reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 tons each year as the average personal vehicle travels 12,500 miles annually. Research has shown that motor coaches are much more efficient than other forms of mass transit as they emit three times less carbon dioxide then commuter rail trains and five times less emissions than transit buses.

Take a Tour

Motor coaches and charter bus rentals offer a great option for recreational travel. They offer a economical way to tour such cities as Philadelphia and New York. Trips can be single day bus tours, special event trip or multiple day excursions.

Get the Limo

Limousine service is not just for the wealthy. It is a major industry that employs 275,000 people who provide their service to more than 400 million passengers each year. Many of the vehicles used are passenger cars with SUVs gaining in popularity. There are presently 7,000 stretch SUVs in service and 8000 standard size SUVs being used for hire.

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