Salvage vehicles and motorcycles are cheaper than their new counterparts. Fortunately, this offers an opportunity for people looking to flip them for a higher price after conducting repairs. The YouTube video “The Complete Cost Reveal to Repair a Salvage Motorcycle” takes a detailed look into this strategy, using a Honda motorcycle as an example.

A rebuild of a salvaged motorcycle requires the replacement of damaged parts. Common parts usually replaced during a rebuild include the turn signals, seats, handlebars, and mirrors.

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After replacing these parts, a thorough inspection is often required to make the car or motorcycle legal again.

Inspection incurs extra costs in addition to the cost of replacement parts, further increasing the total cost of the rebuild. Certification from the inspection is also mandatory to ensure a successful state license application. The state license application also comes with a fee.

A rebuild of an old motorcycle to convert it into a repairable salvage motorcycle for sale is only worthwhile when the total cost of a rebuild is considerably less than the price of a new piece. That way, you can profit from your rebuilding and smile to the bank.


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