Have you ever checked into a hotel expecting to enjoy your stay simply because of what you saw online, only for you to find the exact opposite of what you expected?

Well, nothing is new under the sun so before you find yourself googling how to report bad hotels, you will be better off knowing what red flags to look out for.

Here are eight of them.

1. Dark Spots on Luggage Racks or Curtains

Imagine not sleeping soundly and waking up with multiple red bites simply because bedbugs fed on your blood throughout the night.

This has to be one of the worst nightmares for travelers. Sure, you can check your hotel bed but these annoying pests know how to hide.

Instead, you want to look at the curtains and roofing of your room because bedbugs thrive on fabric and wooden surfaces. If you notice any black blotches, chances are that you are looking at an infestation.

2. Patterned or Colored Sheets

You probably do not want to think about how many people have slept on that hotel bed but the truth is that there have been many bodies on there.

With that, the sheets are likely to have a few stains but the hotel doesn’t want you to see that. How do they cover that up? Of course, by using colored or patterned sheets.

Save yourself the trouble of trying to find out how to report bad hotels by settling for a hotel with white sheets. It is as simple as that.

3. Dust on the Fan

Every hotel has a housekeeping team. The difference lies in how thorough they are with their work. Granted, the furniture could be tidy and the bed clean and well made, but what about the rest of the space?

One of the best ways to find out if the housekeeping of a hotel does its job is by checking the fan. If it is clean and not dusty, then you are making the right choice.

4. Dead Plants

A good hotel pays attention to detail. How? You may ask. You just need to look around. If there are plants in the area for instance that appear dry and floppy, then you can tell that the management of the hotel does not put much effort into such.

What is even worse is using fake plants. If the hotel has vibrant plants and blooming flowers, then you know that you will not be looking to find out how to report bad hotels.

5. Dirty Glasses

Here is a basic rule for you. Avoid using reusable coffee mugs or glasses in hotels even if they look clean. Unfortunately, most hotels do not sanitize their utensils properly.

You may be shocked to find out that they do not even clean drinking water glasses so instead of trying to find out how to report bad hotels, opt for hotels that stock disposable cups preferably those that are individually wrapped.

6. Faulty Faucets

You can tell that a room is moldy just because it has leaking taps. You see, even the tiny drops of water from the shower or sink of a hotel room can cause mold.

Therefore, if you check into a hotel room and perceive a musty smell or see green, white, or black specks, you are probably looking at mold.

Don’t try to find out how to report bad hotels – simply check out.

7. Hard to Find Exit Signs

What would happen if there was a sudden fire in a hotel? Nobody wants to be in a stampede in such a case.

That then means that a hotel should have clear exit signs and paths as well as a fire alarm. If your hotel of choice does not have the same, then you may find yourself looking for how to report bad hotels and that is not what you want for yourself. Right?

8. Worn Carpets

It is easy to notice dirty sheets or dusty furniture at first glance. You will probably not pay much attention to what is under your feet.

If the hotel you want to book has carpeted floors, you want to look out for things like faded spots or fraying as that tells you that their hygiene standards are not up to par. Instead of trying to find out how to report bad hotels, you may want to avoid staying in such a hotel.

Tips for Choosing a Good Hotel

Now that you know some of the hotel red flags to look out for, you could use a few tips on picking a good hotel.

Safety Measures

The hotel you choose should put your safety at the forefront. For instance, the management should have a designated area for Covid testing to ensure that there are no loopholes for the disease to spread.


You want to determine what is important for you before settling for a particular hotel. In that regard, you want to make a list of the things that you feel would make you have a great stay.

It could be good food, optimal security, or even the décor. As a guest, you cannot be the one taking care of things like video surveillance installation services.

From there, you will have an easier time picking. Look out for things like pest control as well because you do not want to go back home with pests like bedbugs in your bags.

Know the Vital Amenities

Did you know that there are some amenities that a hotel should have? They are known as the holy grail of hotels. These include breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking, and air-conditioning. That said; you want to check if these come at an extra cost. The last thing you want is to end up paying for parking that you thought was free simply because you were staying at a hotel. On that note, you want to ensure that the designated parking area for the hotel is up to standard with features like asphalt paving to ensure that your car does not end up damaged.

Note that some hotels will not indicate a price next to amenities like parking or breakfast. That doesn’t mean it is free. Always ask to ensure that you do not end up being one of those people trying to find out how to report bad hotels.

Always Check the Hotel’s Website

One of the best ways to find out if a hotel is worth your money is by going through reviews to find out what other people who have stayed there have to say.

However, some reviews are exhaustingly detailed while some are not updated. To get the real picture, you would be better off going through the hotel’s website or even calling the hotel directly to find out whatever you need to.

Check out the Security

Nobody wants to stay in an insecure place so the hotel you pick should have top-notch security in terms of even network penetration testing service.

With that, you can leave your valuables in your hotel room, go out for errands and come back to find them intact.

Check to see if there are enough guards and how the management of the hotel handles visitors and responds to emergencies like elevator repair in case they are faulty.

Consider the Rating of the Hotel

As you search for the perfect hotel, you want to look at the ratings of the particular hotel you want to choose even though ratings are not always necessarily accurate.

You may come across three-star hotels that look like five-star and vice-versa. To be on the safe side, you would rather check out hotel rankings on third-party sites and read reviews to get a rough idea about the experiences that other customers had while staying there.

Always go for a hotel with an 8+ rating otherwise you will find yourself wanting to know how to report bad hotels.

Read the Fine Print

So, you have cross-checked everything and you feel like a particular hotel could be a great choice. However, before you run your credit card, you want to look at things like taxes, no-show regulations, and the cancellation policy.

Find out if the hotel will debit your card immediately or not. With such information at hand, you are less likely to be among those people who would like to know how to report bad hotels.

The Hotel’s Reputation

Did you know that some hotels are standalone while others are part of groups? Now, the latter is a safer option.

It will be beneficial for you to be part of loyalty programs for hotel brands in that you will get to enjoy services like room upgrades, free breakfast, late checkout, and early check-in.

Check-in/Check-out Policy

This is an important factor to consider but is often overlooked by many people. Think of it this way. If you arrive in a foreign city earlier or leave it later than anticipated, you might end up without a place to stay.

If that is the case, you would usually inquire from the hotel if you can be allowed to check in earlier or later than you had planned.

Most hotels will be accommodating and understanding but just so you do not end up wanting to know how to report bad hotels, find out if the hotel you want to book falls in that category. At least, the hotel should be able to keep your luggage at no additional cost.

Hotel Accessibility and Proximity

Most people would want a hotel that is close to the airport, bus station, or train station for obvious reasons.

You would also want one that is close to a bank, hospital, and with easy access to cab services to take you around.

This will help you save time and costs. Who wouldn’t want that?

Hotel Rates

Different people have different budgets. Keep in mind that the pricing of hotels is largely dependent on the amenities offered and the location.

As soon as you determine the hotel you want to book, you want to check the rates in at least three trusted portals to see if you can get a deal.

Be sure to pick a hotel whose rates fit your budget failure to which you may be the one wanting to know how to report bad hotels.

Look at the Hotel’s Clientele

You can tell whether a particular hotel will be a good fit for you or not by looking at its clientele. It could be couples, families, businesspersons, or budget travelers among others.

After doing that, you can categorize yourself to see if the hotel will be good for you. You will certainly not appreciate a hotel that is filled with families and merry-making friends if you are looking for a quiet time away from home.

Hotel Hygiene

Surely, you would not want to stay in an unhygienic hotel. As such, you want to look at how the one you intend to book looks in terms of tidiness and cleanliness.

Be on the lookout for dirty plates lying around or even chairs that are out of place because that tells you that the hotel management may not be too keen about maintaining hygiene standards in the establishment.

Another factor to look at is how the hotel disposes of human waste. Septic pumps should feature highly to ensure that human waste is disposed of properly.


Well, there you have it. Those are the red flags that you need to look out for before settling for a particular hotel.

Your hotel of choice does not have to be expensive for you to enjoy your stay. As long as the hotel has the right policies in place, is clean, and is close to vital public amenities like bankruptcy services.

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