Resort vacations

Vacations are a ritual for many Americans, although not for some people. According to studies, about a quarter of all U.S. workers don’t get any paid time off, and among those who do, anywhere from a quarter to three-quarters fail to use all of their allotted days. For those who do like to take vacations and travel, there are a number of options for where to stay.

The most common place that people stay on their vacations is hotels. Hotels have the advantage of being ubiquitous; cities are full of them, and even most small towns have at least one hotel. Hotels are easy to find, and because most of them are part of a brand, you have a reasonable expectation of what to expect. Another advantage of hotels is that they are full of modern comforts. Today, most hotels offer you at least a mini-fridge in your room as well as in-room Internet. Hotel-wide amenities usually include a pool, fitness center and business center. Many hotels also offer free breakfast and some host free happy hours for their guests.

Bed and breakfasts are a more low-key version of a hotel. You get a nice room with a bed, but you may have to share a bath at many bed and breakfasts. You also may get a free meal or two, but you will have to dine in a group with others. Most bed and breakfasts don’t have the amenities of hotels — no pool or in-room Internet, which makes them a good choice for people who may be trying to have a more quaint vacation while getting away from it all.

Vacation rentals can be a good idea for some trips, especially those that are going to last a week or more. Vacation rentals usually include condo, home or villa rentals. While you don’t get many of the amenities of a hotel room with vacation rentals, there are some other advantages. Vacation rentals often are cheaper than hotels for long-term stays, and you also get a lot more room and a lot more privacy in a rented home or condo than you get in a hotel.

All inclusive resorts are popular for people traveling to vacation destinations in places like Mexico and the Caribbean. These resorts offer you a hotel room as well as most of your food and drink for one price. Such resorts often have many other activities, such as night clubs, boat tours and scuba diving, some of which may be included in your rate and others that you have to pay extra for.

It’s clear that when you go on vacation you have many options for where to stay, and these are just a few of those options. The important thing, especially for many workaholics in the U.S., is that you take some kind of vacation and use your days off.

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