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When you have places to go, it can be a bit overwhelming as you begin to attempt your air travel booking. Prices for flying can feel a bit excessive at times, especially when you also have to pay extra fees such as for a standard amount of luggage. And many times, all of that money that you spend gets you a string of flights with layovers in between, and what should feel like a journey of a few hours is suddenly stretched into several. But many people are switching back to a form of travel that seemed to be a bit unpopular for awhile. Checking out your local bus services, and seeing how to connect to further destinations beyond your location, is a good way to save money and experience your trip a little differently.

The changing view of bus travel

The simplest types of buses were put into use centuries ago, as people figured out that if a cart, carriage, or wagon was hooked up to some horses, the transportation of many people at a time became a lot easier and much more efficient. In England, by the 1830s, there were regular intercity bus systems connecting people and places by way of steam-powered buses. And from there, the look, shape, and functionality of buses and local bus services continued to change and adapt what people needed and where they needed to go. For quite some time, buses seemed to be forgotten, as trains seemed a better option. Eventually cars and planes were added to the list of preferred transportation too, and buses seemed to be less popular, at least for longer journeys.

The changing feel of traveling by bus
Of course, local bus services have always provided residents with ways to get around their own town or city, and sometimes it is the preferred method of transportation, particularly in larger cities where it can feel overwhelming to drive or take the subway. Many local bus services have improved their fleets so that rides are not just more comfortable, but more enjoyable overall. Many cities try to keep their bus services updated so that a passenger does not feel the urge to cringe when boarding. There are higher standards these days, and so many bus services are rising to the challenge. And as far as intercity travel, most motorcoach companies provide amenities on board that make it very easy and enjoyable to travel comfortably on a bus.

Going by bus is better
It was not too long ago, that it would have been difficult to imagine WiFi on a bus, and yet, it is pretty common today on most motorcoaches and charter buses. And whether you are part of a tour group or heading out on your own, you can rest assured that you are taking part in something greater. When you decide to travel by bus, especially on a motorcoach that is designed to carry more people comfortably and for longer distances, you are also choosing to help both the environment and local economies.

  • Environment
    With the approximately 751,000,000 passengers that ride motorcoaches every year, that is an incredible amount of individual vehicles that are not on the road. In fact, every motorcoach that reaches capacity has the potential to remove 55 vehicles from the highway, which not only diminishes traffic and congestion, but it also cuts down overall energy use and reduces harmful emissions.
  • Economy
    Many motorcoach trips are quite lengthy, and often require multiple stops, sometimes over night. This is where the local communities benefit on the tourism side of things, as the passengers of the motorcoach will often spend money on accommodations, food, necessities, souvenirs, and many other things. In fact, one motorcoach parked in a destination for just a single night can generate as much as $11,660 for the local economy.

Traveling by bus certainly has its perks, and it is a great way to see the world around you as you go. And along the way, you just might help save the planet, give a passing town a little boost, and find a new destination to explore next time.

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