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Charter buses. While most often seen as a form of luxury travel or travel for large groups such as church groups or groups of friends, the charter bus has become more known for taking small groups or families to locations around the United States. These locations can just be in the form of trips, from city to city, or a location special to the family.

Charter buses are part of a general transportation modality known as buses. A bus is a long vehicle, capable of seating dozens of people. It is generally pictured in urban areas where transportation is more affordable than in a bus that stops from location to location, rather than having to deal with the parking and hassle associated with downtown.

Motorcoaches (perhaps another term for a bus) has many positive statistics associated with it. They include:

  • Motorcoaches account for 751 million passenger trips annually, moving more people in some years than commercial airlines do
  • For more than 14 million rural U.S. residents, motorcoaches are the only available mode of public intercity transportation service, going where air and rail do not.
  • Motorcoach travel and tourist demand generates more than $55 billion annually in economic transactions

Motorcoaches provide, in some ways, a service to populations where public transportation may be more affordable than renting a car or buying a vehicle. Motorcoaches are generally more affordable than some other modes of transportation and serve more passengers than people think, as evidence from the statistic above.

Motorcoaches also have a certain glamorous history associated with them, as they date back to the 1800s, when the first horse drawn motorcoaches were implemented. This storied history makes them one of the oldest types of transportation technology being implemented still today, with rail coming in next, followed by car.

Motorcoaches are also enjoyable for their ability to move people around without those people having to drive, which can be a hassle in places of a city that are congested with people and other vehicles, such as downtown and midtown centers. Motorcoaches are seen sometimes in major downtown centers for at least partly this reason.

Motorcoaches have the ability, of course, to set a course around a particular time frame. Someone who is looking to get on a motorcoach can look at the schedule, which is available in some cities on a mobile app, and find the motorcoach as it best suits his or her schedule. This is convenient.

Motorcoaches have been around for centuries. They are considered in some places to be a form of public transportation, meaning anyone from the public can get on the bus or get off the bus. This is different than in charter buses, which will be talked about later, as they primarily cater to a private party.

More importantly, motorcoaches are one, if not the one, of the most environmentally friendly forms of transportation. For instance, motorcoaches:

  • Emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger compared to other forms of transportation.
  • Each motorcoach has the potential of removing 55 autos from the highway, reducing congestion, cutting energy use, and reducing emissions.
  • Motorcoaches are three times more efficient at reducing CO2 than commuter rails and six times more efficient than transit buses.

It’s also very good for the local economy.

  • One motorcoach spending one night at a location generates nearly $12,000 for the local economy in meals, lodging, and other spending.
  • The demands for good and services created by motorcoach travel, combined with new motorcoach sales and industry equipment purchases, generates employment for nearly 800,000 people.

Motorcoaches, then provide a low cost service to people in the community, while creating demand for goods and services, creating jobs, and stimulating the local economy. People seem to value the motorcoach, especially if they use it for their first mode of travel, compared to cars or rail.

Charter buses are a form of motorcoaches, where individuals and families rent out charter buses for excursions to locations, whether that is a city or a local attraction or a trip across the country. Charter buses can be found by searching the Internet for the following terms:

  • Rent a bus
  • Rent a charter bus
  • Mobile conference rooms
  • tour bus rental
  • Wifi on a bus

Among many others. A charter bus is a good option for individuals who are looking for an enjoyable ride in a private setting.

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