Cheap charter buses

The charter bus lines have been reserved. The costumes have been steamed. the snacks have been packed. The song lyrics and dance moves have been memorized.
Show Choir season has arrived!
Although the most important parts of any show choir performance are the vocals and the choreography, making sure you have all of the right transportation arrangements made is as well. In fact, without reservations with charter bus lines your group and their equipment may not arrive at the competition on time and ready to perform. Local charter buses often provide the best options for school or church groups who are traveling on a regular basis. With lots of under the bus storage area and discount travel rates for larger groups, this comfortable form of transportation is often the winning decision.
Motorcoach companies across the nation offer many options to their travelers. From busses that have WiFi and electrical outlets on board to companies that will make sure that you have all of your ticket reservations in place for a big trip to the city, the decision to let someone else do the driving is convenient, safe, and economical. Consider some of these facts and figures about the impact that the charter bus lines in America have on the nation’s economy:

  • 50.2% of the passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry in the year 2012 were taken by students and seniors.
  • Motorcoaches are the only available mode of public intercity transportation service for more than 14 million rural U.S. residents.
  • A fleet of 33,400 vehicles provides charter, sightseeing, tour, airport shuttle, scheduled and commuter services in America.
  • 751 million passenger take motorcoach trips every year. This statistic indicates that more people in some years than commercial airlines do
  • Every full motorcoach has the potential of removing 55 vehicles from the highway, cutting energy use, reducing congestion, and reducing emissions
  • There are five times as many motorcoach terminals across the nation as there are airports, and six times as many bus terminals as there are intercity rail terminals

Whether you are gearing up for a season of show choir performances of athletic competitions, charter bus travel is often the best option.

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