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When you travel out of town, where you choose to stay can have a huge impact on the quality of your trip. You’ll want to make hotel reservations at a place that is the most conducive to your peace of mind and overall comfort as you conduct out-of-town business or simply enjoy a relaxing vacation. This is an excellent reason to conduct a thorough search of the best hotels in the city you’ll be visiting. Here are some characteristics to seek out as you make your search.


When you choose a hotel, where it is located in the city can be an important factor. You may want to choose accommodations that are close to where your business meetings will be, or nearby to where certain cultural attractions are. For example, if you enjoy musicals, you may want find somewhere to stay that is close to, if not in, the city’s theater district.

Spacious, Comfortable, Clean Rooms

Obviously, the accommodations themselves must be comfortable. If you won’t be able to get a restful night’s sleep during your stay, there is a problem. You’ll want to avoid hotel rooms that feel cramped, have rigid mattresses, or otherwise contribute to a stressful experience. Cleanliness is also critical. It is important that the room is tidy before you arrive and that the room is replenished each day with the necessary toiletries and other items.

A Friendly, Helpful Staff

This element of the hotel can make or break the experience. If the hotel staff members have disagreeable demeanors or are otherwise unable or unwilling to answer your questions and resolve any problems you may be having, the greatest rooms with the best location in the city will not be enough to redeem the hotel from the sour impression with which it leaves you.

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  1. I cannot agree more with what the article says about a clean room. I recently stayed at a hotel where I would have completely enjoyed my stay had the room been ready when I arrived. I had to wait an hour for the room to be prepared.

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