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It is a rare type of person who truly enjoys air travel. Sure, people love anticipating reaching their destination, which very often ends up being a sun-filled vacation locale. Did you know that the preference for sunnier vacation spots may have something to do with the fact that the extra exposure to vitamin D can improve your mood? The unfortunate truth is that before you get to that sunny destination, you have to survive the trip. Here are some airport travel tips to help make your next excursion a little bit easier and less stressful.

  • Traveling tips.
  • Airport travel tips truly start when you decide to book your flight. If you can, fly on off-days, like Tuesdays, to avoid higher prices and busier crowds. You can use an online booking site to easily find the best available price and flight for your trip, as well as read up on your destination so that you can do a better job of preparing and packing. Did you know that more than half of all bookings in the United States are made online these days?

  • Travel packing tips
  • The very best airport travel tips might center around how to pack your bags. You do not want to get to the airport and discover that your carry-on bag exceeds the weight and size limitations, or that you have exceeded the luggage allowance, therefore forcing you to pay extra. About four out of every 10 Americans will at some point in the work year take a week long vacation. Whether you are packing for a week long trip, or a weekend trip, the goal is always to pack light. Find out if your destination has laundry services so that you can pack less clothes, and consider layers which will serve more than one kind of outfit. If you are traveling with your family and your child has extra room in their suitcase, and there are a pair of shoes that you cannot live without, then steal a little of the empty space in their suitcase.

  • Travel food ideas and travel snack ideas.
  • The common joke is that airline food is an oxymoron. If you want to pack your own food and snacks, the key is to know the TSA guidelines around food, and to not bring any liquids. Bring an empty water bottle and you can usually fill up at a food service kiosk after the checkpoint. Whole fruits, trail mix, pre-sliced veggies and portioned out dips, protein bars or fruit and nut bars, and popcorn are all easy and for the most part non-perishable.

In the United States, one of the top 10 industries is travel and tourism, which might make you scratch your head when you think about how little the airport and air travel process has evolved towards more comfortable or convenient conditions. Since comfort and convenience are going to be largely in your own hands, remember these airport travel tips and try to make your journey as enjoyable as your destination.

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