What separates a good vacation from a spectacular one? Well…it’s all in the details.

You know for sure you want to enjoy the hot sun with some friends. You’re also eager to have some much-needed downtime, tanning on the beach or going on a relaxing walk. Making this vacation stand out from all the other ones that came before, however, might take a little more work. Consider adding a dolphin experience to the package. A whimsical adventure for the weary soul, swimming with dolphins in a snorkeling experience will create memories you won’t soon forget.

Big island dolphin tours are a classic staple of summer. Let’s take a look at what everyone else is looking forward to in the United States and get you started on that vacation!

How The Worldwide Travel Industry Has Changed Over The Years

The travel industry today looks quite different than the travel industry of yesteryear. For starters, more people are traveling than ever before. You can thank traveling discounts and social media (among other things) for making trips more accessible! Millennials are predicted to spend an impressive $1 trillion on travel every year by 2020, setting a new record for downtime. Now’s a great time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new to set your imagination on fire.

The Everlasting Power Of A Beautiful, Sandy Beach

Why do so many people flock to the beach on their spare time? There’s something uniquely relaxing about sinking your toes into the hot sand and listening to the rush of the waves. The beach remains the best choice for most travelers today, with a recent study finding 75% of respondents preferring to spend their vacation on the coast. Boat rentals are a popular choice for families, while dolphin tours are perfect for groups and individual excursions. The world truly is your oyster!

Supporting Several Industries With Your Dollar

Yes, there’s a way to enjoy your vacation to the fullest and be productive. Domestic travel is starting to pick up again thanks to renewed interest in personal vacation ventures. According to recent studies domestic travel in the United States increased by nearly 3% back in 2017, exceeding two billion personal trips taken. Domestic travelers also make up 85% of the total traveling expenditures. With your dollar you can support tourist industries, food industries, and travel resources…all in one go!

Swimming With Dolphins On A Snorkeling Tour

There’s something almost magical about swimming with dolphins. They have a unique charm that’s infectious, whether you’re a working adult or a child who’s never traveled out of the country before. Back in 2017 there were over eight million participants snorkeling throughout the United States. Hawaii remains the top destination for many, even today, and you should consider starting with Oahu. Wildly popular with visitors, over 75% of the state’s population lives here.

The Benefits Of A Relaxing, Fun Vacation

There are health benefits to gather when you go on a dolphin experience or boat tour. You give yourself the opportunity to finally relax after months of hard work, reducing stress and freeing your mind. You also get to stretch those sore muscles and put them to good use. Domestic travel is only going to get more popular from here. Instead of waiting and waffling on what to do, take a chance and plunge into the cool waters of Kauai or Oahu.

Dolphin experiences, whale watching, Kona snorkeling tours…the sky’s the limit. Sign up with a tour professional this year to level up your vacation experience. A thrilling offshore adventure awaits you!

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