Americans love to take vacations like anyone else, and they may travel either domestically or internationally. Most often, Americans choose to travel domestically, and this supports a large industry that employs many Americans for jets and airport, hotel staff, and more. North America is a vast and varied place, and it has many different states or regions that have proven quite popular for travel. This ranges from the sunny coasts of Florida and California to the untamed wilderness of Alaska. And most of all, Americans love to visit Hawaii, as this island state is a tropical getaway unlike anything else in the United States. This state proves popular for tourism and tropical excursions every single year, and statistics are gathered to see how popular sightseeing adventures in this state are. There are many ways to see Hawaii, whether someone chooses excursions by boat or land or even the air. What is there to know about current excursions to this island state and domestic tourism in general?

Tourism Today

Some 96% of American employees agree that taking vacations is important to them, and not only do Americans take many trips and spend a lot of money on vacations, but this industry is seeing some growth. Many Americans like to take vacations that are at least 50 miles away from their residence, to give them a new setting and a break from the hustle and bustle of their work lives. Hawaii in particular beckons as a popular destination, and records are being kept to see just how popular it is. During any given day in 2016, for a recent example, there were 220,000 guests in Hawaii, and this state enjoyed even more tourism in 2017. In that year, Hawaii welcomed a record 9.3 million tourists, and that was a 4.6% increase from the previous year. This reflected an overall trend of Americans taking more vacations, with a 12.5% boost in summer vacation spending in that year compared to 2016. Often, Americans want to visit Hawaii, and there’s more than one way to do this. Aerial excursions, such as a helicopter tour, may be just what a tourist wants.

Helicopter Tours in Oahu

Someone who wants to visit Hawaii may take a tour on a boat and see marine wildlife up close, or they may even go snorkeling and visit those animals and coral reefs in person. In other cases, though, a guest would rather go on aerial excursions and tour this state on board a helicopter. Such a helicopter tour may cover a limited but attractive portion of Oahu or other islands, and an on-board tour guide will explain everything that the party sees as they go. From high above, a tourist may see an impressive panorama of Hawaii and its natural splendor. This will have to be arranged ahead of time online.

A tourist going to Hawaii may set their time table for the trip, then look up Hawaii helicopter tours that are offered in that time frame. In other cases, the tourist may look for an available upcoming helicopter tour, then schedule the rest of their trip around that helicopter tour. Either way, due to the popularity of Hawaii, it may be best to schedule such an activity well ahead of time. Many other Americans are planning trips to Hawaii too, and during the busy season, there may be a lot of competition for tourist features such as boat rides or helicopter tours. Therefore, someone planning a helicopter excursion may look well ahead of time, weeks or even months in advance, and book a helicopter tour for themselves and their vacation party.

Once at the helipad, the tourists may meet the pilot and, if they want, double check that pilot’s credentials and look over the helicopter everyone will ride. Then, everyone gets on board, and they will take flight. While flying, the helicopter’s bay doors and windows will be kept closed to prevent accidents, and the vehicle will only fly in good, safe weather. If bad weather arrives, the helicopter may be grounded, and the tourists may have to consult the staff about rescheduling their ride or getting refunds. Otherwise, during the flight everyone will wear headsets so that they can hear each other and the tour guide over the noise of the vehicle.

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