You are trying to focus on the silver linings.
The fact that the washing machine sprung a leak and caused a major water event means that you will have all new flooring, and that the gross carpets in the bedrooms will finally be gone. It also means that the garage has finally been cleaned, you have purged a bunch of junk out of the rest of the rooms in order to pack everything and get it out of the house for the new floor installation. You also realize how fortunate you are that all of this is happening before school starts, so you will still have a house over your head, as well as food and healthy family. The fact that your homeowner’s insurance is covering most of the cost for these upgrades, of course, is the biggest bonus of all. And while the damage and clean up really stinks right now, you really can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Finding the silver lining in your cancelled trip to Hawaii has not been easy, but you are working on making the rescheduled vacation an even better experience. Initially, you and your husband were going to revisit the island where you honeymooned some 30 years ago, but now you are working on plans to expand the trip to include the whole family. all of the airfare has been credited back to you and the hotel has refunded your money, and you are now in the process of planning the ultimate anniversary trip and extending it into a family vacation. The brainstorming of Hawaii vacation ideas, in fact, has served as a fun way for your three children to participate in the planning. From the sightseeing adventures that you know you and your husband will enjoy on the island when it is just the two of you to the two Hawaii helicopter tours that you are saving until the kids fly in, the three week trip will be amazing. And, you realize more and more every day that this is a trip that you never would have been able to pull off this summer. By next summer, your children will be able to join you and, as a result, you have been more than happy to rethink the Hawaii vacation ideas you had for this summer and look for ways to make sure that they are even better next year.

Families Are Working to Reschedule Dream Vacations Interrupted by Covid-19

It certainly should come as no surprise that as many as 96% of employees in America agree that taking vacations is important to them. And if the interruptions caused by the pandemic are any indication, it is clear that these real vacations to exotic places will be appreciated even more in the future. Hawaii vacation ideas often make their way onto many family’s bucket lists, but knowing that so many trips and plans were cancelled this spring and summer means that tourists and travel advisers are working overtime trying to reschedule the best get aways for families of all size.

A recent survey from the travel group AAA found that 35% of Americans are planning to take a vacation of at least 50 miles away from home. This fact, coupled with the statistic that in the year 2017, there was a 12.5% increase in spending on summer vacations from the previous year, means that there were some pretty high expectations for travel numbers during the Spring and Summer of 2020. Covid-19, of course, has interrupted most of these plans, however, but there are many individuals and businesses alike who are making plans for the future. On the islands, for instance, there are many hotels and resorts that are using this time to update and make improvements and to foster the next wave of Hawaii vacation ideas for travelers around the world.

Wallowing on the disappointments of cancelled trips and plans this season can only lead to a greater sense of disappointment, but finding a way to start focusing on plans for the future is a positive way to manage today’s fears and stresses. What lemonade are you making from the lemons in your life?

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