Weddings are hugely common all year round – and all throughout the United States in its entirety. As a matter of fact, there are typically more than 44,000 weddings taking place on the average weekend. This means that very nearly two and a half million weddings will occur on a yearly basis. For many people, the wedding is one of the happiest days of their life, and so planning the perfect wedding is something that is of the utmost importance for this period of time. And there are most certainly a great many things to consider.

For one thing, wedding planning will first, as a process, tend to involve the choosing of the wedding date. After all, choosing a wedding date is so essential to so much, from booking a wedding venue to sending out invitations and so much more. For instance, a bride with an upcoming winter wedding is likely to choose a much different dress than a summer bride would. The time of year also matters, as up to 35% of all weddings in this country are now held in an outdoor setting, something that can be greatly limited in availability during the winter months, when things tend to become much colder in the vast majority of this country.

In addition to this, choosing the perfect venue is ideal – and must be done well in advance. In fact, when you’re looking for places for a wedding it is typically advised that you book the venue at least nine months ahead of the actual wedding date, if not up to a full year in advance, for that matter. Ultimately, the earlier you are able to look into places for a wedding and book one of these places, the better. This will allow you to check off finding places for a wedding off of the to do list and move on to any number of other matters commonly seen at weddings throughout the country.

And places for a wedding can even include a place for the honeymoon. After all, nearly one and a half million people will travel to take their honeymoon over the course of a single year, and many people will find that looking at places for a wedding that can also accommodate the following honeymoon period – which will, on average, last about a week – can be more than ideal. Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Such places for a wedding are particularly common among wedding venues widely servicing what are considered to be destination weddings. And destination weddings are actually quite a bit more common than many people will realize. After all, people in the United States really do love to travel – especially domestically. This claim is more than supported by the data that has been gathered on the subject, data that shows that nearly two and a half billion personal trips were taken throughout the United States in the year of 2017 alone, marking a 2% growth in such travel from just the previous year. In the years that have followed since, rates of overall domestic travel have continued to be quite impressive indeed.

Aside from the perfect wedding venue, as important as it might be – and as long as it can take to decide upon, with so many places for a wedding out there in the world, there are certainly other factors that must also be taken into consideration. In addition to looking for places for a wedding that will suit your vision, you will also need to pick out a number of other things, ranging from clothing for the wedding party to the food that is served to the decor that is used.

Ultimately, there are a great many things that go into the planning of a perfect wedding, and knowing that you must decide on all of these things can feel more than a little bit overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many steps along the way to making such decisions and slowing down and taking your time on things is a great way to relax and enjoy the process – and your engagement as a whole, as this too is quite important indeed.

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