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Compared to other countries, Americans have some pretty skewed priorities. Rather than making family, wellness and quality of life their priority, Americans have gotten lost somewhere along the way and have placed work as the most important part of life. That shows in the numbers. Did you know that 25% of all workers with paid leave don’t even use all of their days per year? And even if people are on vacation, they’re still working; as they constantly check their phone and emails for updates. And 25% of survey respondents even report that their work colleagues reach out them while on vacation. That makes it difficult to relax, unwind and escape from the problems and drudgery of the American workplace.
Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of problems in the workplace and beyond. Burnout is very real, and employees may experience a drop in productivity, mood, and overall happiness.
This simply cannot be. Americans are too caught up in the rat race that is life to realize that there is way more out there for them. With that, here are a few reasons to unplug completely and escape to all inclusive resorts:

Decrease Depression
A recent study shows that women who vacationed less often than once every two years were more likely to suffer from depression. Additionally, women who took vacations and participated in leisure activities were less depressed. Vacation contributed to higher feelings of positivity. It also leads to a lower blood pressure and a smaller waist circumference.

Less Stress
Let’s face it: work is stressful. But a study released last year by the APA showed that vacations help to relieve stress by removing people from sources of stress. That being said, there’s no better way to remove yourself from stress than by booking yourself at all inclusive vacation resorts. These villa rentals typically come with all of the amenities, so you don’t have to stress about a single thing.

Improves Rate of Productivity
Everyone needs balance. Vacations promote the necessary balance you need in life to kick ass at the office. Without respite, work can become monotonous and difficult. In fact, for each additional 10 hours of vacation an employee has, their productivity improves by 8%. If that’s not a reason to look up vacation rentals right now, then I don’t know what is. To learn more, read this. Get more on this here.

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